Friday, April 25, 2008

my sewing mojo has returned

Linen skirt from Sew What Skirts

wow. i should really learn to brush my hair before i take pictures. to be fair, i had just blow dried it so it was a bit more wild than normal.

anyway. as predicted, i used Sew What Skirts to make a simple long black drawstring skirt. i have a RTW skirt in natural colored linen that i bought from the gap ages ago. it is so simple and comfy that i just had to have one in black.

i used the straight skirt guidelines to make a linen skirt with a ribbon drawstring waist and slits on both side seams. i like using the formulas in the book. it was very easy to make the skirt sit below the waist and be the perfect length. i don't own many long skirts. most skirts in stores are too long for me, and even with hemming, there is generally some awkwardness, like the slits hitting me in the wrong spot. i expect that the pattern i drafted will get used at least once more before the weather turns cold again.

i like the book for spelling out the pattern drafting formulas for you, but the styles are simple enough that owning the book isn't really necessary for me. i think it would be useful for beginners. i'll probably make an a-line skirt too before i turn it back into the library.

i also couldn't help myself. i started a new knitting project.
Lace and Cables Top from VK Spring/Summer 2008
i'm making #29 cables and lace top from Spring/Summer 2008 Vogue Knitting. i'm using rowan calmer in blush. as usual, i have problems reading directions. the pattern says to start off with k4, p2 rib, so i went with it. then when i actually read the pattern, "k4, p2" rib is defined in the stitch guide. it's not just k4,p2 rib evidently--it's different for flat knitting and round knitting. so i had to rip out and start over. otherwise, it's been smooth sailing, though i haven't gotten very far.


  1. Great skirt! I have one long drawstring skirt that I practically live in all summer, but it only goes with maybe two tops. I love the style and versatility of yours!

  2. I love, love, love the skirt! Long skirts are my friend. That is why I cut the brown dress on my blog into a top. I don't do short dresses anymore! :)

  3. love the skirt! I recently bought that book and there is so much in there that I want to make. I haven't ever sewn an item of clothing before (only bags) and am going to make a simple wrap skirt from Sew Everything Workshop first then attempted some skirts from Sew What! Skirts, I especially love the brown western skirt (can't remember the real name and the book isn't at hand). I also love how the cables and lace is looking

  4. That's a great skirt style on you. (I end up looking like a big column in long skirts, so I appreciate when others can pull them off.) I agree that the book is pretty basic. The measurement section in the beginning is very helpful though.

  5. I was just thinking today I need a long silk skirt, perhaps a wrap skirt to go with my new sheer tops. Yours is really cute.

    The WIP is a whole lotta cables. A whole lot O cables! Looks like a fun knit.

  6. No kidding! It's back with a vengeance, that skirt is awesome.

    Great color in your knitting too. I bet it'll look great with your dark hair.



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