Wednesday, April 23, 2008

it's a non-inspired post title day

now i recall why i hate knitting with cotton. i finished seaming the holly jacket two weekends ago, but i'm still in the process of weaving in the ends. then it'll have to be set aside until i can make the trek to joanns for closures.

yes, i am still on my finishing kick. i completed my final mitered square block and am now in the process of seaming it together as well. when i finish these two projects, i will be down to ONE work in progress.

it will be ONE b/c i also finished my mom's socks for mother's day.
Cable Twist Socks from Helloyarn
i used the cable twist sock pattern from helloyarn and my skein of painted skeins superwash merino in "raked leaves" that i got from winning indigomouse's blog contest.
Cable Twist Socks from Helloyarn
i knit two at a time using magic loop and 32" #1 knitpicks options. the socks are a ladies' 8.5 with 6.5" cuffs. i modified the pattern for 70 stitches and knit toe up with a wrapped short-row heel. i also added an inch or so of 1x1 ribbing at the cuffs.

i think that the socks look very pretty, but they weren't the most fun to knit. i found the slip stitch pattern to be tedious to work and the yarn would've been better served on a larger needle size, i think. my hands would start to hurt after only a few rows. otherwise i have no complaints about the yarn. i'm pretty sure it's louet, which is quickly becoming one of my favorites, and the colors blend well together. i'm sure my mom will love them.

i recently found out that the bead store down the street carries yarn, so i went to check it out last saturday. they have quite a nice selection for a bead store, and the staff was very nice. i picked up a skein of tofutsies to try. right now i'm aiming towards knitting the tabi socks (ravelry) from knitting classic style, though i'm always prone to changing my mind.

i haven't had a lot of success with the sewing lately. i finished up a summer dress except for the hem, only to find out that although the dress nips in neatly at the waist, my actual body does not. i'll spare you a picture since my midsection looks like a tightly squeezed sausage casing. luckily i'm not that crazy about the dress anyway since it's made out of the neverending scratchy rayon/poly that my mom gave me. i was basically using it up just to get rid of it. i quite like the style of the dress, so as soon as i splurge on some pretty and soft printed fabric, i'll make another that actually fits.

i also made tara from burdastyle.
Tara from Burdastyle
i'm not thrilled with it either. i cut out a size 36" when i think i really needed the 34" and i think the pattern needs a drapier fabric, like rayon. i omitted the flutter sleeves and used ribbon for the tank straps. i had a hard time matching the bust fronts with the skirt at the pointy part but i think it turned out ok. i doubt that i'll make this again.

i got sew what skirts from the library. i'm thinking of modifying my spring wardrobe plan and making a basic long drawstring skirt out of some black linen. i'm in desperate need of wardrobe staples at the moment and i want something easy to crawl out of the hole i've dug for myself, though on a positive note, i did finally rethread my serger so it is working again.


  1. Lovely socks! I'm sure you mom will love them!

    Sorry about the sewing luck. Run around your sewing machine with some burning sage, maybe that'll help! Well, maybe it'll just be funny. ;)

  2. The socks are very pretty! So good of you to finish them early, too.

  3. I love the socks. Great name for that yarn color.

    I like the top--on other people. Those empire-y waisted tops (not sure if that's the right term) remind me of being pregnant.

  4. Cotton is a pain to get it to look right in finishing. I still have not figured out how to do it nicely.
    Your mom will love those socks.
    The empire waist top needs its straps shortened to bring up the bustline. You might try pinning them up shorter to see if it helps.

  5. Pretty socks! I love my serger! I'm on a real sewing kick! You could try taking the top in at the sides a bit and do what Mag said about the straps.



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