Thursday, April 10, 2008

Confessions of a Craft Closet

Hello, Sara's bedroom craft closet here. My contents include her yarn stash, sewing patterns, a basket of batts that she doesn't want her cats to eat, a toolbox, an unused dress form, and some white paper streamers leftover from her friend's Halloween mummy costume. I'm also home to the Basket of Unfinished Projects.

Nobody ever accused Sara of being organized. She can't even contain all of the projects in me, which is untidy enough as is. Some of them are held by plastic bags in the living room or her bedroom. Take her brother's birthday afghan, for example.
Graphic Granny Afghan from Crochet Today
so much acrylic yarn, and only 3 (or is it 4?) rows finished. just between you and me *whispers* her brother's birthday was April 2. Now luckily she prearranged to give him his present when he comes to visit her in August, so she thinks she's bought herself plenty of time to finish. we'll see.
Holly Jacket back
another project currently strewn all about in various rooms is the Holly Jacket. she's working on both sleeves at the same time, and when she finishes all that remains is seaming and the button bands. sadly, it appears that she's fallen out of love with the project, due to the fact that she strongly dislikes even the most minute amount of finishing work. it's why she prefers to knit pullovers rather than cardigans, even though she desperately needs cardigans. my guess? this one will be given up and thrown into the Black Hole Basket pretty soon.

Speaking of avoiding finishing work, get a load of this.
spicy's cardigan
Her boyfriend's sweater just needs the ends woven in and the zipper applied, but has she taken the short amount of time it would take to do it? nope, she's given it up for fall, since he won't be able to wear it till then anyway. and let's not even mention the rumor i heard from her bedroom table about the pants he asked her to hem months ago.
Puff Sleeve Cardigan from Fitted Knits
at least her boyfriend's sweater will keep the purple cardigan company. this poor thing has been languishing within me almost since Sara started it in July 2007. Do you know what she has left to finish? Sewing on buttons. she even has the buttons in her possession. i've seen them on her crafty shelves. the only thing i can figure out is that she doesn't really like Mr. Purple but feels hesitant to frog him. If you were her, would you sew on the buttons just to have it over and done with, or would you rip it out for future use? i can't say myself which choice i think is superior.
Block #8
at least she's given some thought to the poor mitered square blanket, even if it's in the very bottom of the basket. she's almost done with block #9, and she's decided to sew the blanket together after. she'll then provisionally consider it done, unless a strong desire strikes to make it larger afterward. methinks she'll be happier to stick a fork in it and move on.
Snowflake socks WIP
and what about the pretty snowflake sock? even I cannot tell. Sara has no idea what happened to this project. I have my suspicions that it's in the basket somewhere, but it's been long since she's had any desire to look for it. don't tell anyone i said anything, but i think it's set for a painful death by frogging. Pity.

lastly there's the three projects that she hasn't told anyone about. one is finished and just waiting for it's buddy. the buddy needs end weaving and elastic, and the last is newly washed and blocked but needs severe length surgery. i'll leave Sara to tell you about these but let's hope that she will be merciful and none of them will see my depths anytime soon.


  1. Hee.

    Um yeah, I was seriously contemplating cleaning out my "fiber room" the other day, and even, *gasp* thinking about trying to finish up some UFOs before the baby.

    Love those snowflake socks though!

  2. Yikes! It's a good thing you don't let your UFOs get to you. Whenever I have languishing UFOs they seem to nag and nag at me, like Poe's tell tale heart.

  3. I think you need to just banish this basket from your house. It appears to be poaching your WIPs.

  4. Someone as crafty productive as you are is bound to have a bunch of ufos, lost and collecting dust.

    I'm taking the easy way out and putting all my yarn and fabric into office moving boxes. That I don't have to deal with it until fall.

  5. Remind me never to tell your craft closet any secrets. She sings like a canary!



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