Wednesday, March 12, 2008

spring knits

ok, despite the fact that it was snowing again this morning, i am declaring that it's spring in my crafty world.

lucky me that the spring interweave crochet preview came out yesterday and the new knitty as well.

first IC: oh, interweave crochet. i'm kind of glad i canceled my subscription, b/c your winter issue sucked and spring isn't doing anything for me either. i kind of like the butterscotch cardigan but it looks almost exactly like chicknits ariann. plus it's crocheted sideways, and i've never seen a sideways sweater that fits the body the way it ought to. for whatever reason, they always come out looking a bit off to me. having said that i'll probably use a joann coupon to pick up a copy b/c...they are reprinting the babydoll dress from crochet me that i have been dying to get my hands on. though technically the bodice is knit sideways. i'll just pretend it isn't.

and then there is knitty. i've stated this before but they just keep doing it, so it bears repeating. why do they keep publishing the same damn design in multiple issues? this time around it was especially egregious b/c the original unmentionables was not even a popular design--17 projects in ravelry so far, not exactly the next clapotis. i'm surprised they haven't published "clapotis jr." maybe they just haven't gotten to it yet. no other knitting publication does this. i have nothing against the designers doing the repeats, but i just think it would be better if they self-published the new sizing and maybe add a link to the original pattern on knitty that there are extended sizes available. then there would be one more slot for a potentially awesome new and fresh design. or another horror, but at least it'd be a new horror.

the issue didn't do much for me. i like yosemite but i'm not sure i'd like knitting a whole sweater in mock cable rib. i sort of like honeycomb and posey but i don't really wear vests and i'd probably get bored with tiny mitered squares before i ever came close to finishing the socks. overall it was very meh for me. i want to make a list of spring items that i do plan to make in the near future, but it will require more research.

btw, i watched no country for old men last night and it was awesome. i've seen all of the coen brothers' movies and i will add this one to the "like" column. also this may be wrong, but i think i have a small crush on javier bardem. he was very charming and handsome at the oscars. and what's not to love about an evil hitman sporting a dorothy hamill 'do?


  1. I love the skirt in IC. Love, love, love it! Oh, and the honeycombe vest is very cute.

  2. Hee hee, well the babydoll doesn't involve as MUCH sideways crocheting right?

    I'm with you on those unmentionables. Apparently the name was taken to heart.

  3. The couple of IC issues I have seen just didn't thrill me with the designs. One scarf I am still coveting from an issue last year.
    The new knitty did not thrill but there are three patterns I might make.
    Sorry my comment was so bitchy/snotty last time. I have been in a heck of a pickle with my moods lately.
    I <3 u.



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