Wednesday, March 05, 2008

inching ever closer towards caticide

my cat wyatt is not the brightest bulb in the box. last night he kept spicy and i awake for a variety of reasons, the funniest of which was he got his head caught in a plastic bag handle. he kept rustling noisily until i finally got out of bed to figure out what was going on. and there he was, bird-in-a-soda-can-ring style, frantically trying to escape the wretched bag handle. he also booted in several places around the living room and did his regular routine of "i'm destroying things so you'll feed me" at 4:00 AM.

suffice to say my brain isn't functioning on all cylinders today.

look it's crafty content!
Graphic Granny Afghan from Crochet Today
i owe my brother an anniversary/birthday present, so i'm crocheting him an afghan from this Graphic Granny Crochet Afghan pattern. i'm using an I hook and various acrylics purchased at joann fabrics. i had a terrible time picking colors b/c the selection was poor, but i managed. it's mostly simply soft with some bernat satin and vannas choice thrown in. i wanted a pattern that was more of a modern granny, so this one fit the bill. i've already finished the first 2 rows, so i'm almost 1/3 finished. if you ever feel the desire to make a blanket from smaller pieces, i highly encourage seaming as you go.

i sometimes moderately worry that i've become the most boring person on the planet, so i'll take this moment to throw out some random personal information.

1) i often feel that i've missed my calling as the world's worst jingle writer. i often make up nonsensical ditties to entertain myself. example?
"They call him Mister Paws! Cuz he has paws."

2) spicy and i are thinking seriously of buying a house in 2 years.

3) i'm tired of the democratic nomination race dragging on and on. last night i made the suggestion to spicy that someone should just kill one of them so that it'll be settled.

eh, that's enough for one day. i'm looking forward to lunchtime. i brought leftover steak salad. yummy.


  1. Yeah they need to just figure out who's gonna be the Dem Nom. Maybe some mud wrestling or something...

  2. I will be the odd gal in the bunch, because I love politics and sat up until midnite watching election returns. Of course, I am tired as heck today! Good thing about elections these days (at least to me) is that they never end!

    I love your modern granny squares! Awesome!

    I am learning to crochet, and have just finished my first double crocheted vest. I am crocheting the trim on it now. I hope to wear it tomorrow!


    BTW, the word verification I got is toadham. Hee hee

  3. I've frequently rescued my cats from such plastic bag attacks. I'm sure Wyatt was just innocently minding his own business when the bag came out of nowhere...

  4. I hope you got a picture of Wyatt in the plastic bag handle. 'Cause that's what I'd call a Kodak moment! ;)

    HAHA! So with you on #3. I myself an counting on a lucky lotto ticket. That way, I can buy my own island and make up my own damn laws. (Like no working on days that end with "ay"...)

  5. Very pretty crafty stuff!

    Morgana had her head caught in a bag handle once and freaked out. We now have all our bags stored where she can't get at them, and the ones we leave out for catertainment have their handles cut.

  6. That afghan is really pretty. I love the flowery shapes in the middle of the hexagons!

  7. I very much need to conquer the crochet as I want to make a granny square afghan for my green couch.
    I like to make up new lyrics for songs, usually evil and death ridden or sarcastic and hateful.
    It keeps me out of the bell tower with my rifle. ;)
    Well we all know who would win if the Dems had to fight to the death for the nomination, Hillary!
    The DNC needs to have a pow wow with both remaining candidates, Dean and the 'superdelegates' and come up with a plan. Neither Hill or Bama are going to 'give up' for the 'good of the party'.
    I'm diggin' the fight, frankly. It's very good for all of us that it is a real horse race. It even has me thinking over my hatred of Hill and wondering if she isn't really better than Bama, the bought and paid for poster boy Messiah.

  8. Buddy stuck his head through the handle on a bag of yarn, one of those twisted paper handles at the top of a brown paper bag. He ran all over the house, trailing and weaving yarn through all of the furniture. I wanted to take a picture, but I felt too bad for the little fellow.

    I love your bad jingle. I thought I was the only one who did that.

    Buy a house! The market's probably going to keep dropping for a few months more, so you can get in when prices are low. There's no better feeling than realizing that when you yell, "You kids get the Hell off my lawn," it's really your lawn.



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