Friday, March 07, 2008

Houston, we have sleeves

spicy's cardigan
check it out, i knit my man a springtime shrug. do you think he'll like it?

if only. now i have the neverending body to knit. the sleeves are 20" long from underarm to wrist and i knit 4" garter rib cuffs. not that you can tell from the picture. stupid dark colored sweaters.

Wyatt's innocent face
sadly, no photos of wyatt stuck in the plastic bag handle. but here's what he's telling me in this photo:
"um, i don't know quite how to say this, but i wanted to let you know that i'm about to go puke in the living room." five minutes later... "cleanup on aisle 5!"

i saw Once last night, and i'd highly recommend. i loved that it was a naturalistic musical, if there can be such a thing. and also that the non-actors didn't really have to act, they could just be. i loved the ending. i am very much in favor of stories ending appropriately. so many things don't, like the epilogue to crime and punishment, or the second screwy ending to great expectations, rewritten to please the masses.

a short list of movies i can recall that have appropriate endings from my perspective:
brokeback mountain, the good girl, about schmidt.

i was struck with the thought that once is the anti-dancer in the dark, a movie that i hated so much that if it had been a person i would have punched it in the face. lars von trier can kiss my yellow american ass.

so yeah, once. see it if you like appropriate endings and hate lars von trier. oh and if you enjoy folksy tunes. yeah that last one is probably the most relevant.

if you want a sample, here's a performance of my favorite song from the movie


  1. Tell him it's the latest thing in metrosexual fashion, maybe that will work...

  2. One time, my cat Dory got her head stuck through both handles of a small brown paper shopping bag in the middle of the night. I missed the excitement, but I woke up the next morning with her on my bed, sleeping all curled up with the bag still around her neck. Hee. Cats.

  3. Such a sweet shrug! He'll look fab in it! ;-)

    Hm, I almost ordered "Once" with my free Pay Per View coupon but when I saw the word "musical" in the description I threw up a little in my mouth and picked "Waitress" instead. Which made me throw up more like Wyatt there. Sleeping with your OB/GYN? EWWWW!

  4. Yeah, I hated Dancer in the Dark too. I think Mr. Mag feels that way about Lost Highway. He nearly killed me for taking him to see it. ;-) I laughed my ass off. You know Lynch would be a serial killer if he had not found an outlet in the art of the cinema.

    The sweater looks like a long slog. Ideal for watching basketball playoffs, or something.

    Gosh your little trouble making kitty is a beauty.



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