Monday, March 31, 2008

hangin' with my gnomies

I started this bag in January, but my sewing machine has been in hibernation.
Amy Butler Swing Bag
I'm always searching for the Perfect Work Bag. this one is pretty close. it's the Swing Bag pattern from amy butler's line. i used joel dewberry for the outside fabric, maroon twill instead of canvas, and heather ross gnome fabric for the lining. i made quite a few modifications. i didn't reverse the handle fabrics so that the lining was on the outside, b/c i didn't like the look of the original. i also top-stitched across the top of the bag instead of handstitching the opening shut. and i added some pockets, which makes my bag non-reversible. but that's ok.
Amy Butler Swing Bag
i used the pocket from the In-Town bag pattern and made three divisions, for a pen, my cellphone, and my wallet. i also added a magnetic snap.
Amy Butler Swing Bag
on the other side, i used u-handblog's tutorial to add a zippered pocket to the lining. it looks pretty crappy but i should know by now not to work on things when i'm tired. the next one will be better and less puckery.

the bag is the perfect size for work, and this morning i found out it holds a lot of stuff admirably, including my lunch, a box of granola bars, an umbrella, and a book. i haven't tried to shove a pair of shoes in there yet, but hopefully i won't have to deal with that problem again until next winter *crossing fingers*. i like the weight that the twill provides rather than using a stiff interfacing. my only gripe is that bags never stay on my shoulder very well, but i don't really know how to get broader shoulders. i'm thinking this one will work just fine for 3 seasons, and i may want to think about sewing a different bag for winter.
Amy Butler In-Town Bag
spicy was out of town this weekend, so i had lots of productive work time. i used up some scraps and made the In-Town drawstring bag, another amy butler pattern.
Amy Butler In-Town Bag
this one uses alexander henry lemon fabric for the handles, another AH bird fabric, more joel dewberry for the middle, and denyse schmidt for the bottom. oh, and a joann polka dot print for the lining. i used a grosgrain ribbon for the drawstring.
Amy Butler In-Town Bag lining
this bag is quite small. somehow the pattern envelope doesn't make it seem as small as it really is. it sewed up very quickly--an hour and a half maybe? it would make a cute gift bag, and it's a great use for scraps. i would also think it would be fairly simple to re-size it to whatever dimensions you find optimal.

i plan to use mine at the market to hold tomatoes. i've been needing an extra bag that i can keep separate from the others so that my tomatoes don't get squished. this should do the trick.

i didn't hem several pairs of spicy's pants that he gave me to alter ages ago. don't tell him, mmm-kay?


  1. Very cute bags! Love the detailed mods on the first one.
    I had the reverse problem with a bag pattern some time ago: it came out as big as a suitcase. I guess I didn't read the final dimensions of the bag when I started!

  2. I love the work bag! It's so hard to find a bag that's just the right size, that one looks perfect! I have a fat quarter of that gnome fabric, too, it's nice to see it in a finished project.

    And I love that Denyse Schmidt fabric!

  3. Cute bags. I don't enjoy making them, but I should do them anyhow. I want to end up with enough totes eventually so I can use them in lieu of the plastic grocery bags at the store. Needless to say, I have a ways to go.

  4. I love the gnomie tote--very cool.

    I laughed when I read your shoulder remark--I have the same problem, and now realize this is probably why I like a bag with a long strap that I can put across my chest on one shoulder.

  5. Love the bags. The gnome fabric is too cute.

    Icarus down there is gorgeous on you too!

  6. Love the're reminding me that I have a bag all cut out and ready to be sewn together....!



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