Monday, February 18, 2008

the sweater, the hat, and the back of holly

Boatneck Bluebell from Fitted Knits
Ta-da! a finished sweater. boatneck bluebell from Fitted Knits, size 33", #8 knitpicks options. i used 8 skeins of noro silk garden in color 203. I shortened the sleeves by an inch and added 2 more inches of body length incorporating more hip increases. after blocking, the neckline was too wide, so i wove black elastic thread through the garter collar to bring it in. i love this sweater--it's very comfy to wear and super warm. i got the idea to use silk garden b/c i thought that the sweater style was like a less boring hourglass pullover. i'd seen some lovely ones using noro, so i thought i'd give it a try.
Cabled Newsboy Cap from SNBN
my coworker's birthday is tomorrow, so i knit her a cabled newsboy cap from stitch n bitch nation. i used one skein of patons classic merino in red, with #7 and #10 knitpicks options. i bought a sheet of red plastic canvas to stiffen the brim. my co-worker has a similar styled hat but she says it doesn't keep her head warm, so i thought i'd knit her one that would. i actually quite like the style, and i may knit another one for myself. i think the gauge is definitely too loose for worsted weight yarn, so if i knit another i'd add more stitches and use a smaller needle size.
Holly Jacket back
i bought 5 skeins of cotton-ease in charcoal from joann fabrics to make the holly jacket from spring IK 2008. i finished the back using 2 skeins. i'm knitting the 33" size on #5 and #6 knitpicks options. it's working up quickly so far. the cottonease hurts my hands after awhile, so i'll probably alternate this one with other projects.


  1. I love that sweater!

  2. Wow. The boatneck bluebell looks wonderful on you! Love the length on it.

  3. The Noro sweater looks fab! Love the way it striped up!

    I'm sure your coworker will love the Newsboy. :) With you on the gauge, though. I've got that same note for my next one, too.

  4. I love the BB. I've only had this one foray with Noro, but I'm having color envy now.

    Hee hee, don't you love non-knitters--you can give her that hat that when you knit it for yourself, you'll make it better...and she'll never know/care.

  5. The sweater looks gorgeous on you!

  6. The sweater turned out excellent!

    The hat is cute too. What a great gift!

    There's some really cute sweaters in IK spring 08 for the petites of the world.



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