Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I've never seen The Goonies

there, that's my confession of the day. for folks of my age, it seems that The Goonies was an integral part of childhood, but not for me. i wonder if i'm missing out. i don't think i've seen E.T. either.

i'm bummed b/c interlibrary loan is failing me. i really want to make the babydoll dress from crochet me in time for spring, but so far no library has the book to loan. then again, maybe i still have time since spring won't be arriving until june at this rate. *brandishing fist at raging snowstorm*
Garter Rib socks from SKS
i finished the long-suffering socks for my friend's birthday (details on flickr page). this is the same friend who received this bag awhile back. she told me that she took the bag with her on a trip, and no less than 3 people stopped her to say how much they loved it. it was really nice of her to make it a point to tell me. after the hat fiasco, my spirits were raised at the knowledge that some do know how to appreciate a handmade gift. some of your stories in the comments were awful. you have my sympathies.

i'm plugging away at spicy's sweater, but i am getting really bored. i chose to knit both sleeves at the same time in the round before knitting the body to cut down on the weight and awkwardness. it might not be as heavy yet, but it's still awkward. my goal is to finish his sweater before winter ends.

i also finished the fronts of holly. i knit both at the same time. i can't believe i never did such things before--it's so much easier to match them (obviously). i plan to do the same with the sleeves when i eventually get around to knitting them.

i realized that flash your stash will be here april 1, so i have a month to whittle down my stash so that there will be fewer skeins than last year. *pained face* right now this year's total has me at +1 skein over 2007.

i am rather disgruntled right now but i think it's winter fatigue. that, and i probably need to stop reading the 5000 copyright threads on ravelry. it's like constantly hitting your head against a brick wall b/c you think it might be fun *this* time.


  1. Yeah, those threads are all the same.

    A: "This is how copyright laws work! Nyah!"

    B: "Um, no, they actually work like this."

    A: "Oh well that's what I meant to say (since I was talking out of my ass), let's all have a plate of cookies *insert cookie symbol or whatever the fuck*"

    Random Angry People: "You're so rude! OMG, don't feed the troll! Go away troll!:

    Random Stupid People: "I like pie! Ravelry is about peace and love, y'all! Hey, who disapproved my post? Give Casey and Jess some luv!"

  2. First of all, Kim said it. She and you both need to just say NO to rav threads that argue anything. Argh.

    Secondly, K*Gnome, I thought you starred in the Goonies?

    Now I am really confused.

    Spring is coming.

    I like cheese.

    Casey and Jess are PERFECTION incarnate!

  3. LOL! Yup, Kim pretty much summed it up. Perfectly. Which is why I don't bother anymore.

    Methinks you need to rent yourself some E.T. What about Star Wars, you've seen that, right?

  4. Like everyone has said, but I'll say it differently. Who needs all the made up drama? Goodness knows I have enough to worry about in my own personal life.

    I think I seen the Goonies. That's the movie where they look like Goons, right? I tease, because I am a smartass. :)

  5. I loved the Goonies as a kid but I think that some movies are better left as kid movies. I'd probably not enjoy it much now and then it would be ruined.

    I need spring too! We had a teaser of a few days of warm weather but alas it's gone again.

  6. I didn't grow up in the US, so any knowledge of American pop culture is intentionally acquired, not absorbed by living here as a child and a teenager. It's really interesting to see what trivia and experiences people my age take for granted. Mine are completely different.

    I love that dress. I just wish I could crochet worth anything. Crochet goes fairly quickly, though, so if you hurry up, that dress might get done in time for spring...

  7. You must watch the Goonies. It's still fun, even after all these years!



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