Wednesday, February 13, 2008

finally, blog fodder

Boatneck Bluebell from Fitted Knits
i got rolled up in a big ball of selfishness, and i decided what i really need in life is another sweater for me. this one is the boatneck bluebell from fitted knits. i'm using noro silk garden in colorway 203 on #8 knitpicks circs. i'm knitting the 33" size and i've used 7 balls of yarn so far.

i added extra hip increases and maybe 2 more inches of length to the body, but it flares out unattractively when i put it on. i'm going to finish the sleeves and give it a good wet block, and if it still fits weirdly, i'll rip back. this is my first time knitting both sleeves at once. i like the idea, but it's awkward when the sleeves are already attached to the body. i hate to say this, but i think i might need longer than 40" cords. *sigh*

after i finish my selfish sweater, i swear i am going to go back to spicy's. not that he has said a word about it to me, but i imagine a hint of sadness in his eyes that winter is drawing to a close (though it doesn't feel like it right now--brandishing a fist at the single digit temps) and he doesn't have his sweater yet.

i got my spring IK in the mail and i'm in the love-it camp. even though the cute flirty cardigans are rather similar, there are enough details to distinguish them and i, for one, adore cute flirty cardigans. i can't make up my mind which one to knit. i'm trying to utilize yarn i have in the stash, but one major weakness of the stash is that i have very few warm-weather appropriate yarns. i was thinking about cotton-ease for the holly jacket. of course, i don't have any cotton-ease, but at least it's affordable and readily available. or i could use my pink rowan calmer for either the sylph or flutter-sleeve cardigans. or i could be a horrible person and use the cotton fleece i have earmarked for my dad's sweater/vest/whatever even though the color isn't great for me. that is what dye is for.

or i could suck it up and finish spicy's sweater. by the time i'm done, i'll probably have moved on to something else.


  1. Knitting a sweater for yourself is not selfish! Only you and few others can really appreciate hand knitting, so sweaters must be saved for those few.... :) Enjoy and dont feel guilty!

  2. That's beautiful - I love that shade of Silk Garden. And what's the point of knitting if you can't make something for yourself!

  3. Ha ha, now you know why so many sweaters never get done here...I have my heart set on them but vow only to knit them when I finish whatever project I have going on first. And well yeah, like you said--I move on to the next thing.

    Like the sweater. WIsh my noro came out looking that good!

  4. It's freaking adorable as is. Maybe you shouldn't put it on?

  5. I can see all you North-easterners are starved for color! That's probably why you just had to knit something besides a boy sweater. Is his in a typical 'male pattern blandness' color like gray?


  6. Selfish smelfish. Knitting for yourself should be the norm. Knitting for others is a *gift.* After all, if you were a cook and made food for yourself, would that be selfish?

  7. I think that the noro choice is inspired, I'm sure that pattern is going to look much better with the stripes. can't wait to see it all finished up!



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