Wednesday, February 20, 2008

cue the eyeroll

so i believe that when you give a handknit to someone, they have the right to dislike/like/use/not use it as they please. once you let it go, it's theirs.

however, i do not abandon the right to be annoyed when my handknit gift is received with little politeness or grace.

a few months ago, i wore a cabled hat that i knit and my co-worker went crazy over it. she commented for a few days after that she wanted me to knit her a cabled hat too. she also mentioned a few weeks later that she had bought a corduroy newsboy cap but it didn't keep her warm. although i normally don't respond well to demands for handknits, i thought i'd merge both wants into the cabled newsboy hat, since her birthday was approaching and all.

yesterday, i gave my co-worker her SNBN hat. my other coworker gave her a floor-length brocade robe that she sewed. and my last co-worker gave her a silk scarf that she bought from tj maxx (tags were left on, in case she wanted to return, i guess)

now, in my opinion, they were all nice gifts. the silk scarf was pretty, but having shopped at tj maxx before, i can guess how much she paid for the scarf, and also knowing my coworker, i can guess how much time she put into choosing it.

the birthday coworker tossed both the hat and the robe off to the side and unwrapped the scarf. she seemed rather "meh" over it until she realized it was an oscar de la renta. then she went crazy over it. she wore it all day and kept commenting on how it was a designer scarf. this morning she told me that she gave the hat to her husband, who seemed to really like it. at least someone seems to be enjoying it.

i suppose in my younger days i used to care about designer clothing, but now i feel that label obsession is not necessarily correlated with quality and tends to be unnecessarily expensive. i bet if i'd procured some designer label and sewed it to my hat, it would've been received with much more enthusiasm (and the same with the handmade robe) i can't help but think that this attitude is a bit ridiculous, so this will be the last handmade gift i give this particular coworker. next time i'll just save myself the time and buy her a coach keychain or something.

then i remembered on the way home last night how spicy appreciates every thing that i've ever made for him. the things i knit for him will be worn until they fall apart. in some cases, i can't even get them back from him to wash them (and i've given him a lifetime guarantee on free handwashes). so i whipped out his long-suffering sweater and put it back on the needles. i ripped back to the raglan increases and added 2 more inches to the body. i'm back on track, as i tried it on him and it appears to fit pretty well.

sometimes it takes a good snubbing to appreciate those who appreciate your work.


  1. Geez. I never really got the whole designer thing. And even now I feel like some kind of poser wearing designer sneakers even if they are super cute and comfy.

    Sorry about your coworker.

  2. Oof. What a nut. I mean Oscar De La Renta--from TJ Maxx? I'll bet you $20 it's a counterfeit scarf. I only make baby gifts for coworkers. I figure I never really have to see their baby so it's OK if the kid never wears it. Ha ha!

  3. Wow. That is incredible. Just wow.

  4. That's about right. That is precisely why I rarely knit for others. Babies are the exception, and I will only knit for those expectant moms that I really, really like....whew! Thankfully, there are not many ;p

  5. Ugh. She's so not knitworthy. Hell, she might not even be giftworthy. Next time, just give her a card and a smile.

  6. What is she, 12? That's no way to treat a gift. She gave it to her husband? That's bullshit. I wouldn't get her jack in the future.

  7. This is a classic post. I just don't get people sometimes. I have a friend who asked me before she opened a present from me once "you didn't knit me something did you." And she didn't say it because she secretly wanted something hand-knit, but because she was really worried that I had. Yeah, in my mind only a select few are worthy of knitting for.

  8. I've noticed that many peeps just do not have the social skills to accept a gift, even an unwanted gift, or a disliked gift, graciously. Part of the gift giving dance is to make the giver feel appreciated and thank them for the thought at least.

    Secondly, you are so right about designer labels not meaning squat anymore. Back in the eighties and prior, it meant quality. Now is means 'expensive for no reason' unless you are shopping very high end clothing like the designer boutiques including Nordstroms special designer depts.
    I bought a Calvin Klein coat this year that I returned because it was a piece of crapola. A $300 piece of doo doo. I am going to make my own coats from now on.

  9. How ungrateful!! And after she'd made it clear she wanted the same hat as you!

  10. Who gives a crap about designer labels? Unless you wear the label on the outside (and how tacky would that be), nobody would ever know.

    That's just plain ungrateful. Guess who's never getting another handknit, ever again!

    At least her husband likes the hat. Wow, what an ungrateful person.

  11. Non-knitters just don't get how much time and effort we put into our knitting. I only knit Xmas gifts for 2 people last year, one of which was my cousin. She gushed over a capelet I made. I didn't have the time to make one of those so I made a hat and fingerless gloves out of Malabrigo. Even though she knew I was making her something her appreciation was lukewarm. I didn't expect her to go running around the room screaming "OMG they're the best!!" (would've been nice though) but I suppose I was expecting a different reaction from her. I knit socks for my friend (Red Sox socks for his favorite team) and he seemed to be more appreciative of my gift but not " nice...socks." I'm only gifting to other knitters and to myself from now on.

  12. Yeah. I'd get her something next time. A Bitchslap in a box.

  13. BTW, "Cue the eyeroll!" is now the go-to catchphrase for the sitcom starring Mr. & Mrs. Mag.

  14. I gave a very pretty little Koigu feather and fan stitch bag to a good friend for Christmas, one who always give me homemade fudge and her dh give me canned relish, saurkraut and glugg. She acknowledged the bag very briefly in a "oh, by the way I liked your little bag" kid of way. I'm so glad I didn't give her the lace scarf I was making but didn't finish in time. Did I mention the bag had a silk ribbon that ended in little crystals? Ugh...



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