Thursday, January 31, 2008

in and out

still insanely busy but procrastinating b/c i feel like it. i traded my billions of pounds of llama roving for a pair of ashford hand cards. i quickly learned that it is entirely possible to injure yourself on a pair of hand cards. i used them on my january spunky club fiber, "Snow Squall."
Snow Squall
carded and then spun as a low-twist singles, slightly fulled in the finishing process. Snow Squall is icelandic wool, 274 yds of dk weight. very scratchy, though less so now that i've carded and fulled it. i started a BS johnson hat from knitty, but didn't get very far since the pattern is apparently fucked up, and i have neither the time nor will to figure out the mistakes myself. plus this wool is super scratchy and to make it wearable, i'd have to knit a lining.

i know that i am fickle, but i decided this month would be my last in the spunky club. i haven't been wowed (and was somewhat repulsed) by the colors, and though it is nice to try different wools, it doesn't do me a great deal of good if i keep trying wool that i don't like. so i've decided to save the dough and spend it at a fiber festival, where i can see and touch in person.

Navajo plied black tones
nearly the last of the brown sheep mill ends. 3.5 oz black tones, dyed with wiltons. 292 yds navajo plied sport weight. another attempt at fulling during the twist setting process. this yarn will be socks.
Spicy's Mittens
and finally, the boy can rest easy now that his hands will be warm. handspun 2ply llama/suri alpaca mittens, Men's M from the knitter's handy book of patterns. #4 and #5 knitpicks options, knit 2 at a time using magic loop. the lining is jojoland cashmere, 2 strands held together in plain stockinette. they are so deliciously warm and soft that i want to make a second pair just for me.

back to work.


  1. Oh, I love the black yarn with the jewels tones. Stunning colors!

  2. Ooooh it's all so very pretty! Love the mittens!

  3. The mittens are wonderful.

    You're so not a joiner anyway.

    All the spin is beautiful.

  4. Nice mittens. I am knitting my first pair ever.


  5. Wow, the black tones yarn is beautiful! Good for you for carding and trying to make peace with your club offering :) It's a good idea, a new take on fiber.

  6. Beautiful yarns, and I love those mittens!

  7. I love the black yarn! It'll make great socks!



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