Tuesday, January 22, 2008

business as usual

Spicy's mittens in progress
A certain boyfriend of mine expressed his views that he would very much appreciate a nice warm pair of mittens to combat the bitter cold weather we are currently facing. I whipped out the Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns (most useful knitting book EVER) and my 2ply suri alpaca/llama handspun and created the basic mittens in a men's medium. I was worried about running out of yarn, but I needn't have feared. i had a couple of grams leftover. These mittens are only half done, as the next step is to knit a cashmere lining for the interior.
Grey alpaca from Lazy Acre Alpacas
Oh lordy. let me tell you the story of Betty Helen*. Last Friday, spicy picked me up from work on a particularly frigid day and took me to a new shop that specializes in all things alpaca. the store is owned by a local alpaca farm and there are many items of clothing, blankets, toys, plus some yarn and fiber. i think that Betty Helen had not seen too many people that day, b/c when we walked in she pounced. my guess is that betty helen is a former sorority girl who never grew out of the teenage chatty stage, and that it's entirely possible that she drinks too much coffee. spicy did his best to run interference, but we got to hear about all kinds of alpaca related information that just went on and on. and on. to hear betty helen tell it, alpaca never gets dirty, and can be machine washed and dried in case it does, plus the animals work to bring about world peace in their spare time. i am so glad that spicy was with me, b/c if it had just been me and betty helen, i'd have run out of the shop screaming in terror. Betty Helen tried to give us the hard sell on the wonders of alpaca socks. spicy bought me 4 oz of heathered grey alpaca, and i assured him that i'd give alpaca socks a try, despite my doubts. now that i have transformed it into 183 yards of lofty navajo-plied worsted weight, i still have doubts. but we'll see. methinks it'd be much better suited to a manly scarf, which he also needs.

* name has been changed to protect the annoying
Moss Stitch BeretMoss Stitch Beret
i made my friend a moss stitch beret using the basic tam pattern in the handy book of patterns and #7 denise circs. i knit the ladies' M and lengthened the beret by an inch or so to make it more slouchy. the yarn is recycled wool/acrylic from a gap sweater. i didn't have time to wash it, but i'm hoping that the crown decreases will relax post-washing and it won't be so stiff.


  1. Nice mittens. Necessity seems to be the mother of the FOs in the mitten department.

    Machine washable and dryable? ha ha! Have another latte honey!

  2. Wow, you mean according to Betty Helen, you can machine wash and dry alpaca? Mmmm, hmmm. Suuuuurre you can.

    Very manly mittens, I'm sure Spicy'll love 'em!

  3. I want a picture of this "Betty Helen". She's not allowed anywhere NEAR my alpaca stash. Holy crap. Machine wash and dry? Really? REALLY? Come on. Sheesh.

    Love the hat! The mittens look great in your handspun.

  4. OK, I love the mittens. I call knitwear like that "Television" color. It's one of my favorites.
    I want alpaca socks for the warmth, but every time I've touched the stuff I get hives.

    The tam is cute.

    I have problems with the overcaffeinated myself. ;-)

  5. I love the mittens, they look comfy! And that's a great hat. I like the shape.

    Machine wash and dry... *faints*

  6. Ohhhh, a cashmere lining? That sounds so decadent. Nice warm FOs.



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