Friday, January 11, 2008

a bunch of stuff that i don't wanna do

i learned a lesson. sweaters for boys require a lot of ease. i did a lot of measuring. and a lot of calculating. spicy is a small guy. his chest is about 7 inches bigger than mine. so i thought i would be safe with 4" of ease on his sweater b/c smaller people need less ease, right? i'm doing a raglan and i put the arms on holders and knit about an inch of the body. he tried it on and it's Metro-tight. so now i need to rip back and add about 2 more inches. i'm thinking a 44" chest should be about right. which is funny, b/c that is the exact size of his perfect-fitting zip-up jacket that i measured in addition to his body to figure out what size i should knit. stupid me for trying to get away with a smaller size.

the reason i was doing my best to get away with it? b/c my knitpicks options cables are only 32" and it's a really tight squeeze with all the stitches on it. so i could order a longer cable but then i have to wait for it to get here and i would lose momentum on the sweater. i could use my long denise cable instead, but i realize now that i own the options that i really hate the denise set with its thick unflexible cords. so do i suck it up and just order the longer cable since i'm already losing momentum b/c i don't want to use the denises?

then there's my mom's socks. i'm knitting them toe-up and i just finished the heel. i forgot that the short-row heel i used is actually less than the standard 2" so i did not make the foot length long enough. and now i'm too lazy to rip back so my mom's socks are now mine. they are nothing special that my mom picked out just for her so i don't feel too guilty. ok, maybe i feel a little guilty. the next pair will be for her.

and then there's sleeve island. did you know that sleeve island exists even if you start the sleeves first?
Military cardigan from Knitting Classic Style
here's my first finished military cardigan sleeve. i've knit just past the sleeve vent on the second one. i got the winter knitpicks catalog in the mail yesterday and they have the sweater knit up as a sample. in my opinion, it looks like crap. now i don't want to knit mine, b/c what if it also looks like crap? my worry is that the knitpicks version looks baggy and unflattering and i have good reason to believe that mine could also be baggy and unflattering. i'm knitting at a smaller gauge but the original is supposed to be a 37" bust. hell, maybe the boy can wear it. oh wait, that whole Metro thing was bad. *sigh*

now i'm grumpy. i made a few more bags. the bird bag was a gift and the sushi one is for me. i'm finally using up the gads of twill that my mom gave me for the linings.
Craftster singlet shopping bagSushi singlet shopping bag

i made some eye gougingly bright accessories with my Party Dress handspun. i knit a calorimetry on 90 st and #5 addi turbos and a pair of mitered mittens from knitter's almanac with attached icord borders. i knit the thumb stitches on waste yarn rather than cutting at the end. i figure at least i'll have trouble losing them since they're so bright.
Mitered Mittens and Calorimetry

all right i'm off to order the damn knitpicks cords.


  1. You can't talk Spicy into the metro look? It does seem like there are times when everything in the knitting universe conspires against one. I agree that the sleeves on the KP sample look like crap. It could have been the pattern, or it could have been the test knitter. It's hard to say. I can see your hesitation on proceeding though.

  2. I thought the sample knit in the KP catalog looked bad too -- but I think it was the yarn, not the pattern/fit. Your sleeve looks great though. :)

    I really like the fabric you used for both bags! :)

  3. Metro-tight, haha!

    Hmmm, maybe you just need to take a break from knitting. Learn to love it again.

    Cute bags!

  4. I have a bunch of knitting right now that I don't want to do. But I keep pressing on because when I am done I can do fun stuff.

    And your calorimetry looks like lips. :)

  5. I love your shopping bags! And the mittens and calorimetry!

    I sympathize about sleeve island--I'm stuck there now with one sleeve of an Hourglass Pullover because I, too, had the clever idea of making the sleeves first.

  6. Metro-tight--hee hee!

    I shall try to learn from your mistakes, I want to knit Dr. MS a raglan sweater this year too, he's not that big, and I measured one of his fave shirts before I decided which one to cast on.

  7. I love the bags and the glove/calorimetry combo! And yes, boys and men need extra ease. They're not into tight, fitted garments -- must have something to do with no boobs.

  8. Even old boys won't wear a tight sweater. It can't be 'too long' either. So, top down is ideal for getting the fit right.
    The shopping bags are really NICE. The headband and mitts are perfect.
    I need to make some of those headbands.

  9. I understand. And yes that all sucks badly. But your finished things are awesomely beautiful. I want your mittens right now! I am anxious to hear what you end up doing. I just ordered Options Harmony interchangeables. I want to make the CPH. My first sweater ever. I did wonder forever about ordering the longer cables also and did not. Now you have me wondering more. I have allready bought three different sets of circulars for this and can't get gauge.

  10. Why not order the longer cables and knit on the sleeves of Spicy's sweater till they show up? Forward progress without crazy amounts of bunching!

    Those bags are great.

  11. I lovelovelove the Military Cardigan, but yipe! it does look pretty bad on the KnitPicks site, doesn't it? Although it doesn't look like it's her size, either.

    Your bags are so cute I can't stand it. :)

  12. I LOVE the bright beautiful handspun Calorimetry and Mitered mitts!
    Your sleeve sure is pretty - damn sweaters can sure be a pain!

  13. Those bags are great. You are such a good sewer. Hope you get off sleeve island!!

  14. I know that it's almost 5 years after this was posted but I found your cute bag when I searched for "fabric grocery bag" and I love this pattern (a lot more than some of the others I've seen that are constructed like an actual plastic grocery bag). Do you have a pattern that you used to make yours?



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