Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Aww, Romney-bot finally got his Gold

great to see that the millions aren't going to waste. and good ol' Uncommitted is making an impressive showing in Michigan. i might've found my horse!

i currently have nothing interesting going on. i'm doing a netflix free trial and the stress of watching at least one movie a day in order to maximize the freeness has made me abandon crafting for tv. i cut out the Amy Butler swing bag for my latest, greatest iteration of the Perfect Work Bag, but haven't sewn it yet. i made a misguided attempt to sew my own underwear (yeah i dunno--don't ask) and learned that knit fabric stretches a lot. also, if you think the pattern as drafted is probably going to be too big for you, it very likely is. and don't forget, elastic is your friend. plus, cheap serger thread never did anyone right.

i also sewed 4 pet beds (just pillows covered with scraps of fleece) b/c spicy has decided he wants us to donate to the local animal shelter. he will be buying food, toys, and other supplies, and he wanted me to produce billions of kitty pi beds and seemed a bit disgruntled when i informed him that i am not a knitting factory. perhaps if he took up the needles himself he would realize what a boring time suck it would be. my kitties tried to adopt the fleece covered beds themselves, so i think they will be adequate. plus i was able to make 4 of them during one football game.

i have also been inching ever closer to finishing one garter rib sock, but my pace has been odd. i finished the foot and heel in one day, then the leg took a few more days, and then a few extra days to knit the picot hem cuff, and now it's taken me 2 days just to bind-off half of the cuff stitches. who knows how many more days it will take me to bind-off the other half? and then i still have to knit another sock.

oh that reminds me, i am angry at knitpicks. so i order my 40" cable for spicy's sweater, and i also throw in knitter's almanac, as i believe it has the most bang for your buck that i have ever seen in a knitting book. and had i known that they were available, i would've bought a size #1 classic circ in 40". unfortunately at the time, the longer circs were not linked to the main classic circs page, so i didn't know they were in stock until i had already placed my order. and i have been anxiously waiting for KP to get their asses in gear and offer longer fixed circs, b/c i have decided that i hate my #1 47" addi lace circ with a passion. it smells bad. and now i am stuck knitting socks 1 at a time on dpns, which is probably one of the reasons why it has taken me 2 days to bind-off half a sock. plus it's been over a week and i just received notification that my order has shipped and it takes 5-14 days for paid shipping.

lastly i will say that i am hot. one of the sad consequences of keeping your house cold all the time is that anywhere else you go feels like you're on fire by comparison. i can't stop playing the cardigan removal and reapplication game at work.


  1. With ya on the 47"ers. Way too long. And something about the brass color always turned me off. I myself favor KP 32" circs for socks (I do both at once, but on individual circs), but good to know they now come in 40"s! Dude, where have I been...

    This rambling comment brought to you by the Society for the Insomniatic.

  2. Oh you're a sewing factory instead? Although I know the power fleece has on cats. I'm currently wearing a faux fur coat that used to be a fleece pullover that I accidentally left on the floor only to have the furbags discover.

  3. I love your knitting projects. I still have a baby shawl in progress that takes over 30 mins each row. I started it when pregnant a few years ago and morning sickness got the better of me, then along came baby and well time disappeared!

    Thanks for linking and visiting me.
    I love your kitty, he is gorgeous!

  4. Ugh, Romney. I just know Nevada's Reps are going to go for him too. We go to caucus on Saturday morning. I think Nevada's Dems will go for Bama. We'll see. I have a horse, but he's too honest and old school for most people to ride. I guess we want liars and a-holes for our presidents, because we keep choosing them.

    I have my issues with Knit Picks and go out of my way to not buy from them.

  5. At one point, Romney said he regretted ever running for Governor of Massachusetts. After he said that, I wouldn't have voted for him even if I'd been planning on it before. That's just rude.

  6. You must be a power knitter!

    PS I have just tagged you, please visit my blog to find out the rules. I hope you can play.



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