Thursday, December 20, 2007

revisiting goals

so evidently last year i was foolish enough to set goals for myself in 2007. i said,

"next year, i pledge to make complex gifts for my family and friends. i want to become more adept at colorwork. this year i *will* get around to making the norwegian stockings. i'm slowly making my way through the entire folk socks book.

i also want to finish this blanket [Babette] and make it a focal point of my living room. i want to do more cables and lace. and sweaters. lots and lots of sweaters.

can't wait to see what 2007 has in store for me."

well, how did i do?

1) yeah the gift thing, not so much. i made a lot of small gifts and one sweater for my mom, which doesn't really count b/c i haven't given it to her yet. i suppose i could stretch it to say that my small gifts are much more complex than in prior years, and i think that there were more of them. but no gorgeous shawls or sweaters or blankets. there's just not enough time in a year.

2) colorwork? what colorwork? i finished 1 project and a partial. i think we can all agree that i am slow as xmas at the colorwork thing. what can i say, i get bored easily. and i didn't do the Norwegian stockings.
3) folk socks. well, i didn't knit any socks from the book. i got distracted by knitting vintage socks. overall this was not a great year for socks. i knit 14 pairs, plus i'm hoping to finish one more before the end of the year. so it's more than 1 pair a month on average, but it's still fewer than last year. i did make 8 gift pairs this year, more than 50%, a trend i hope to continue. and i think everyone else wants it to continue too, b/c i keep getting requests.
Babette's Blanket
4) babette's blanket. at least i finished that one. it is my proudest accomplishment of the year, though the quilt is threatening to take over. but since the bloom is not off the rose on that one, i will suspend my verdict.

5) cables and lace. i did pretty well on the cables portion. i think my favorite cable project of the year was shedir. it was a very rewarding project, as it hasn't left spicy's head all year. i still threaten to steal it back from him.

lace, well not so much. i finished the shetland triangle, which shamefully i still haven't gifted yet, and cozy, which i love. i think i can be honest and say that lace and colorwork occupy the same mentality for me. they are nice to visit sporadically, but i don't want to live with them. i may never be alice starmore or evelyn clark, but i won't lose any sleep over it.
Pringle inspired cardigan
6) lots and lots of sweaters. i knit 12 sweaters this year (well, i did if you count sleeveless). i had no idea i made that many, honestly. the pringle sweater was definitely my favorite, mostly b/c i finagled it myself.

according to my Finished flickr sets, i increased productivity from the previous year. that's always a good thing. i think the major difference this year is that my craftiness in non-knitting areas exploded. that whole spinning tangent was entirely new and completely unexpected. i got a serger, also a surprise. and i finished my first quilt.

though i'm groaning inwardly about this, i feel the need to set some goals for 2008.

1) i'd like to use more of what i have. i don't think my stash is out of control or anything, but i would really like to decrease how much yarn i keep on hand each year rather than increase. which may be difficult because spinning will regularly add to the stash even if i don't buy yarn. as a sub-goal of this one, i love knitting with my handspun and i want to use it rather than let it sit there in the stash.

2) in general, i want to move toward freeing myself from patterns. the pringle sweater and the yoked pullover taught me that i can do it. i have knitting from the top and both handy books of patterns. especially now that i am building up small amounts of handspun, i need more creative ways to use it, and i think those may have to come out of my own head. which shouldn't be a problem. my brain is always spilling over with ideas. it's the execution that will be hard.

3) this is sort of tied to #2--i want to knit spicy a sweater. and i'll have to collaborate with him to design it b/c the boy is a Picky Bastard. he knows what he wants and man is it plain. but i'll think of it as a challenge. i can't think of a more worthy recipient.

4) my favorite knitting book this year was Knitting Classic Style, and i love the military cardigan. i have the yarn in my stash. it looks like a fun challenge and so cozy to wear. i might be starting this one shortly into the new year. i may knit it in tandem with spicy's sweater since i will inevitably get bored with his. if i tackle this one, we'll find out if complex cables are the same for me as colorwork and lace. let's hope not.

5) dammit i am going to knit a pair of gloves. there, i said it.

6) more quilts in 2008. if i can get good at this, quilts are the ultimate gift. errbody needs more blankets. i certainly have enough quilting books now to get a good head start.

7) i want to make more of my clothes. i've done really well in the respect that i stopped buying clothes. but that just means that all the clothes i have are getting really old and worn out. maybe i should do a basic wardrobe this year. definitely something to think about.

8) i'm hoping to keep the fiber stash contained and nearly non-existent. part of this includes spinning up the spunky club fiber in the month that i receive it. spicy and i definitely want to attend more fiber festivals this year and hopefully i can just stock up at those and work from that stash the rest of the time. i also want a new wheel and possibly a drum carder. i'm working on it.

the year isn't up yet, and i know that i will be finishing a few more things before it's over, but it's always good to look back at your accomplishments and try to improve in the coming year.


  1. I like how you capped "Picky Bastard." ;)

    Your goals for '08 sound very doable!

  2. I think you accomplished quite a lot in 2007 and your 2008 list is very realistic.
    I love that Babette blanket.

    I intend to revisit my goals for 2007 too, but I already know I didn't do half of it.

    Always next year! Hah!

  3. Alice @ http://kathrynivy.com12/20/2007 09:54:00 PM

    Even though you may not have completed your goals you have had such an awesomely productive year :)

    Seriously, it is so inspiring!

  4. 12 SWEATERS! WOW!!
    I change my mind daily, so I don't dare make 2008 goals...but I like yours!

  5. You did pretty darn well! That blanket is gorgeous, your sweaters are incredible, and I love those socks. 14 pairs, you say? Wow.

  6. OK, lots to catch up on. Good luck with the goals...colorwork was one of mine last year that didnt get done either. Oops.

    LOVE the box bags!! Thanks for linking to the tutorial :)



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