Friday, December 14, 2007

i won! sweeeeeet.

Indigo Mouse contest prize
i had a nice surprise when i got home last night. i won indigomouse's blog contest, where she picked out something special just for me. i love how the whole package was color coordinated, down to the tissue paper it came wrapped in. she sent me a skein of painted skeins superwash merino sock yarn (so pretty!), a charm pack of fabric squares, and a cute owl shawl pin. thanks melissa, for being so awesomely generous! you should go give her some kudos for her gorgeous autumn rose.

btw, i completely forgot to photograph the contrasting linings of all of these objects. you'll just have to take my word for it that they're cute.

stick a fork in it, the coworker gifts are finally done.
Co-worker mini gifts
i made a couple of lined zipper pouches and another patchwork pincushion.

after making all of these little things and the washcloths, i realized i'd need something to put them in. i have a personal aversion to wrapping paper and other decorative containers. i consider them a waste of resources and time. plus i completely lack the ability to make presents look pretty, probably b/c frequently all i have on hand is duct tape and old magazines. so i made some box bags that might actually be useful to the recipient after the gift has been opened.
Co-worker box bags
i used this tutorial with only a few mods. i took the advice of one of the commenters and sewed the side seams completely, rather than one third, and then stitched my triangles. after the first bag i sewed, i also made the strap narrower. it seemed to fit the size of the bag better. i used mediumweight interfacing, which was all i had on hand, but i think a heavier interfacing would've been a better idea.

i squeezed in some time to knit myself a few more winter accessories. it's frickin' freezing here and i need all the extra warmth i can get.
pashmina cowl from lmkg
i got one ball of karabella boise on sale. it's a singles 50/50 cashmere/merino blend. it pilled in the ball as i was knitting it, but it's such a powdery cloud of softness that i don't care. i used the pashmina cowl neckwarmer pattern from last minute knitted gifts as a guide, but b/c i only had one ball i modified the pattern to add some decrease rows so that the top is narrower than the bottom for maximum length. i also k1,slip1 across instead of the purl rows to stop it from curling too much. i think i used #5 denise circs. i know it doesn't look too exciting, but it's perfect and i love it.
i liked a few things from the new knitty, but mostly i zeroed in on quant. i have been in desperate need of a headband to wear when i have my hair up. i have so much hair now that it doesn't fit under a hat. i used my mystery wool navajo-plied handspun and i think #7 denise circs. it worked perfectly for this application. this was my first time steam blocking. i didn't wet block b/c it would take a week to dry and i wanted to wear it NOW NOW NOW. it only took a couple of hours to knit. i think i whipped it out while i was watching college basketball.

did i mention that i bought the knitter's book of yarn? it's a really informative and interesting read. i'm not grabbed by any of the patterns so far, but i consider them to be a bonus.

of course, there's more. always with the more. but another day perhaps.

oh yeah i can't believe i almost forgot. as promised, here's Ellie wearing Spicy's hoodie. she's so street.
Kitty Torture


  1. The colors in your package from Melissa are so pretty. I think my favorite thing on the blog today is the middle box bag. That pattern makes me happy! But everything else is great, too.

  2. Holy guacas, you HAVE been busy!! I like your solution to the gift wrap problem. Reminds me of how my mom would wrap presents.

  3. Those box bags are great! SO much better than wrapping paper (or old mags and duct tape)!

    That cowl looks so snuggly, and lovely job on the entrelac!

  4. Your Quant is a masterpiece. The gift bags are spectacular. The prize you won was wonderful. The coworker gifts are excellent.
    The cat in the hoodie is adorable.

    Everything is perfect!

    (one year I made wrapping paper out of brown paper. I wrapped all the gifts and then colored pictures on them with crayons. It was a big hit.)

  5. That is one pretty prize package!
    I am envious of your already pilling, so very soft neckwarmer! and Quant is one of the 2 patterns, I printed off - yours is beautiful!

  6. Very nice package, I love that shawl pin!

    Your Quant looks fantastic. I know all about feeling cold -- though that would stop very quickly if I tried to put my cat in a hoodie, I'd get some serious exercise. What a good, patient kitty!

  7. Lucky you. I am green for envy of the Shawl Pin. Gorgeous



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