Tuesday, November 27, 2007

thanksgiving eats

so i keep seeing photos everywhere of thanksgiving dinner. i ain't got no fotos, b/c i'd rather eat than take pictures of my food, but i will share my menu. i'm not big on traditional fare--i had it for 20-ish years, so why not mix things up? last year we did indian food. this year, spicy and i watched a lot of chef ramsay on hell's kitchen and kitchen nightmares, and we noticed that his standard dish (besides risotto) is beef wellington. so we decided to give it a shot. for once in my life, i planned ahead, so i got most of the ingredients at the market. yay, fresh ingredients!

we heart cheese in the knottygnome household. i pulled up this recipe from epicurious: beef wellingtons with gorgonzola. we used beef tenderloin ($21/pound but worth every penny) and eliminated the sauce, since i had no idea what it was--wine and...something (if anybody can define demiglace for me, i'd welcome it). we also added extra garlic and shallot. if i made it again, i'd wilt some spinach in with the mushroom mixture. we purchased 2 large steaks. they were big enough that we cut them in half and made 4 wellingtons. i ate my second one the next day for lunch, but spicy ate his second one a couple of hours after dinner. what can i say, he's the human hoover.

our side dish was stuffed baked potatoes with gorgonzola and rosemary. we also had fresh green beans with some kind of sour cream sauce. i will not link to that one, as it wasn't very good. it was kind of a last minute recipe search. the green beans by themselves would've been fine. the meal did end up very dairy-ie, but it was oh so delicious.

for dessert, we went to wegmans and bought pumpkin nut bars. basically they tasted like pumpkin pie but without the crust. i heart the dessert selection at wegmans. they have so many varieties and they are all so tasty, and they conveniently come prepackaged in 2 person servings. i think that's the main reason i don't bake much (besides not having time). i hate having so many leftovers that i could never finish before they go bad. then again, with Mr. Metabolism of Steel around, leftovers don't last very long in my house anymore.


  1. Mmm...that Wellington sounds really good. And I'm not a big dead cow eater.
    My old Kroger used to have those little two-people baked goods. Oh how I miss my Kroger!

  2. I love a good quality steak about once a year. That sounds like it was wonderful!
    As much as I love turkey dinner, I am sick of it and can no longer eat all the usual suspects of Thanksgiving dinner, all that sugar and fat, ugh. So we are on the variety feast bandwagon too.
    We ate an omelet on Thanksgiving. Some sushi too, and I baked pumpkin cookies.

  3. My husband and I eat steak at least twice a week. We are frugal about everything else in our lives except when it comes to food. Lord, I love, Love, LOVE a good steak. I printed that recipe. I have several filets on hand!




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