Tuesday, November 20, 2007

the tale of the traveling merino handspun

once upon a time, i thought that i couldn't spin fine yarns on my wheel. then i learned that if i loosen the brake as to pretty much render it completely ineffective, i can spin very fine yarns. it will take me over a month, but i can do it.
4oz Merino from High Bid Farms
i split the roving in half and spun the first half on the fold, blending the colors together. then i realized that i don't really like spinning from the fold. i navajo plied the skein and got 177 yds. i also learned that my navajo plying isn't so great. so for the second half, i spun long draw and ended up with 433 yds of 2 ply. it took me an entire sunday to ply that second skein. i remember cuz i woke up bright and early to watch the political shows and ended up continuing to ply through at least 2 football games. at one point i ran out of one bobbin, so i wound the remainder of the second into a cake and then did my best to ply from both ends of the center pull ball. boy, did that suck. eventually i gave up since the tangles and all the cursing was getting to me.

the fiber was 4oz of merino from high bid farms that i got at the finger lakes fiber festival. by chance, i stopped by village yarn and fiber to pick up some supplies and they were selling the same fiber, so i got some of their bfl. the yarn and fiber traveled the USPS and made their way to bronwyn.

honestly this was a good learning experience, and i hope that bronwyn can forgive my sloppy technique, but i am really glad that she now has the yarn and i do not, as i have no desire to ever look at it again. i also do not know if i will ever feel the need to spin laceweight yarn again, especially since you can buy it cheap without that whole labor thing. at least not for a long time.


  1. It is lovely and I adore it and appreciate all your hard work! Good to know about loosening the brake... I'm not spinning laceweight, if I'd known you were going to be so totally epic I would have. Now I just feel lame in comparison!!

  2. Well I think it's pretty! Lucky bronwyn!

  3. I think they both look great! It's always neat to see how the fiber turns out when spun at different wpis. Very pretty!

  4. It looks fantastic!

    Oddly enough, I only get decent results when I spin from the fold, don't know why. Maybe my drafting still needs help.



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