Monday, November 05, 2007

a plyghtmare

so i used to say that plying was my favorite part of spinning. well it might not be anymore. after hours and hours and hours of plying this weekend, my handspun trade with bronwyn is finally done. the yarn is hanging up to dry and i can honestly say that i'm glad it's leaving me b/c i never want to look at it again. i also started plying my llama singles (oh the horror of even more plying) and dyed my shetland/angora roving pink. i went to the Habitat for Humanity restore on saturday (one of spicy's favorite places) and found a huge canning pot for $3. so there will hopefully be lots more dyeing in my future.

Snowball hat from Fall IK 2007
i made the snowball hat from fall IK 2007 with my faux malabrigo handspun. it turns out that my handspun is a whole lot chunkier than actual malabrigo. i knit the ribbing on #10 denises and CO only 64 st. i knit fewer rows of ribbing, then had to switch to #11s for one row b/c #13s wouldn't fit through the stitches. then i only knit 3 cable repeats but more crown decreases. it only took me about 3 hours to knit including making the pompom. basically my hat looks nothing like the original due to the thick n thin and handdyed handspun. i probably would've been better off with a plainer ribbed hat, but whatever. at least it's super warm.

i also cast off my grey cardigan this morning. yay! i should be ready to show it off late this week.


  1. I think that hat is awesome, I love the texture on it.

  2. I like the hat. Your green handspun reminds me of Noro.
    I have not one clue about the traumas of plying as I have never once tried to spin. I intend to never ever learn to spin, (unless I am starving naked upon the planet!) My biggest objection to spinning is the FFF, flying fuzz factor. The lint and fuzzballs everywhere would drive me bonkers.

  3. Your faux malabrigo is beautiful! What a cute hat.

  4. The Malabrifaux hat looks great! And love that greeniness!

  5. I really like that hat, and the bright green is fabulous. Great job! I don't think I'd change a thing.



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