Sunday, November 25, 2007

my creativity exploded

and here's the carnage. to be fair, i've been waiting for a lot of this stuff to dry for over a week.
Shetland/Angora handspun
2ply fingering weight handspun. 2oz 70% shetland wool, 30% angora, 207 yards. i dyed the roving with pink wiltons and then spun long draw. there are a lot of slubby bits that i left in b/c they were so soft. i think some of the angora felted in the dyeing process. i'm planning to use it for mitten linings.
Soft Serve cardigan
my mother's Soft Serve cardigan, from Everyday Crochet. 50" size, with added bust short-rows. size J hook and 5 skeins of Rowan Calmer. i added 4 rows to the body length. this cardi was significantly smaller than 50" before blocking. the calmer split a little bit while i was crocheting, but nothing too heinous. i think the finished garment will be forgiving on size, and perfect for spring. i love how sproingy it is, and i have 5 skeins of calmer left to play with.
Best Foot Forward Socks
men's size 10.5 socks for a friend of mine. i used the Best Foot Forward pattern from Knit Socks, one at a time, cuff-down on #3 bamboo dpns. i knit the pattern as written, except that i reversed the direction of the mock cables on the second sock. i used slip 2 stitches knitwise, transfer to left needle, k2togtbl, leaving stitches on needle, ktbl first stitch again, slip both stitches off the needle. i like this look better than not slipping the stitches first. the yarn is cascade 220 superwash. knitting at such a tight gauge hurt my hands a little, but the socks washed up very soft. i would use this yarn for thick socks again.
Crochet washcloths
co-worker xmas gift washcloths. i used blue sky cotton, knitpicks shine, knitpicks crayon, and crystal palace cotton chenille, all leftovers. i used various crochet hooks, J, K, I, and G. most of the cloths are some variation of dc and sc. the only pattern i used was for the puffs. i omitted the last row, as i ran out of yarn, but they are still pretty full.
my llama hat lining
i love my llama handspun hat but it's really itchy. so i made a knitted lining using this top-down hat recipe. i used leftover 2ply BFL handspun and i knit in plain stockinette on #3 bamboo dpns. the hat is now doubly thick and super soft against my forehead. i love it, and i'm planning to do the same with the matching llama mittens as soon as i get around to knitting them.
Sale yarn from Spirit Work
Spirit Work Knitting and Designs was having a black friday sale, so spicy and i went. i bought 2 skeins of baby ull on sale to knit him socks, and one skein of karabella boise to knit myself a neckwarmer, and he bought me one skein of ryc silk wool dk to knit myself a pair of knucks. the neckwarmer is in progress, but i have enough photos for today.
White curtains
yesterday i was on a sewing kick. i made one set of curtains for my bedroom. i used 2 yards of 60" wide white twill. thank heavens for the serger. it made the process go much faster. i serged around both panels and then turned up 1/2" hem around and made a 1.5" casing at the top. they aren't perfect, but they get the job done. i need to sew a second set, but will need to get creative with the stash, since i'm out of practical heavy weight fabric.
Pincushion frontPincushion back
for the entire duration of my sewing career, i've been using the plastic container that my pins came in when i bought them. i was constantly knocking the container over and having to pick up spilled pins off the ground. so i finally broke down and made myself a pincushion. i used this tutorial, which was very easy to follow and 3" fabric scraps, which i measured and cut with my ruler and rotary cutter, rather than making a template. i stuffed it with some leftover polyester batting. this only took an hour to finish. the 5" size is perfect, as it's big enough that i can't easily misplace it. plus, it's so darn cute. if i have enough time before xmas, i will sew a few more as gifts.
Shoulder bagShoulder bag lining and pocket
one last thing. i also sewed a shoulder bag using this tutorial, some hot pink twill and forest green corduroy, plus a quilter's cotton scrap for the pocket. i added a magnetic snap and made the bag 15" deep. i serged seams whenever possible. it's the perfect size for work, as it's big enough to hold my lunch. this tutorial was also easy to follow, though i don't think she specifies seam allowances. i used 1/4" and i think i should've used 5/8".

i'm exhausted. and i still forgot to photograph something.


  1. Holy FOs Batman! I can see why you're exhausted - I'm tired just reading it! Nicely done!

  2. WOW - You ARE on a roll - knitting and sewing...I feel quite lazy after reading this post!! Nice work all around!

  3. Holy guacas!

    Impressive! I'm not a sewer, but I sooo sympathize with the knocked over pins. I can't count how many times I've done that!

  4. WOW! So I'm thinking you drink about what, 3 or 4 pots of coffee per day?


    All fantastic! I love your Mom's Soft Serve Cardi.

    (your pincushion is great. it's also great to have a magnetic pincushion for spills and just collecting them as you pull them out of cut outs or the seams as you go along.)

  5. Wow, Miss Super Productive. Quite a haul.

  6. WOW, you've been busy! Everything looks great. I especially LOVE that pincushion. I am going to check out the instructions. I could use a new one!

  7. Yikes, you've been busy! I love the chartreuse and black pin cushion, and your mom's sweater came out great.



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