Friday, November 30, 2007

i'm a joiner.

my name is Sara, and i am a joiner.

yes, i caved. i joined a fiber club, Spunky Eclectic's to be exact. my reasoning is that i am often crippled by too many choices. i'm still a new spinner, and there are just so many fibers i haven't tried out there that i don't know where to start. so why not pay $15/month to let someone pick for me?

and i don't regret my decision. this month's installment was 4oz of Falkland wool in a colorway called Pie for Everyone. I admit, when i opened the box, the colors didn't jump out at me, but thou shalt not judge before ye becomes yarn.
Spunky Club Fiber 11/2007
the fiber was telling me it wanted to be a singles yarn. so i predrafted and spun with as little twist as possible to still hold the fiber together. the skein was a little curly after spinning, but after a nice hot bath and a lot of thwacking, the skein hangs nice and straight. the falkland wool is soft but still wooly, and it was very easy to spin. there's 361 yds of a sport-ish weight. i'm keeping the skein in my stash for awhile. i think it wants to live as an accent yarn in a sweater, but i'm not sure yet.

see? i never would've tried falkland on my own. and now i can say that i would definitely spin it again. if only shipments came more than once a month. i'm ready for my next installment.


  1. That's the best use of clubs to help introduce you to the choices in your craft and then you can branch out on your own later.

    Crippled by to many choices is my exact problem in my knitting. I have so many juicy projects planned, my head spins and I get all dizzy and tired and do none of it. ;)

  2. Beautiful! And I know where you're coming from on the joining thing. I join sock clubs for the same reason: they send me colorways and patterns I never would have tried on my own. Sometimes, I love them, sometimes I don't, but it's always new and interestng. Joining a club is a great way to learn about your fiber likes and dislikes.

  3. Pretty! I still haven't joined any clubs. For some reason fiber clubs seem to make more sense to me than sock clubs, but I couldn't really tell you why.

  4. Those are some seriously awesome singles! Everything I spin has tooo much twist, so I fear that singles will be out of my range for awhile (must stop treadling so darn fast!)

    You make joining a fiber club sound so very tempting :)



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