Monday, November 12, 2007

i'm having some startitis issues

so i started the veronik avery gloves in jojoland cashmere, but i neglected to read the directions properly and i messed up the cuff pattern. plus now i'm thinking about frogging them, b/c i really do think they will fall apart in 2 seconds. i'm spinning up some shetland/angora that i think will make better gloves.

i am about half done with the soft serve cardi from everyday crochet using rowan calmer. i promised to make my mom a sweater 2 years ago. at least i'm finally getting to it? crochet was an excellent idea, b/c i can finish a sweater with 50" bust in a couple of weeks instead of the many many months it would take me to knit the equivalent.

i used one skein of my 2ply worsted llama handspun to knit a garter stitch short-row hat. i'm really on a garter stitch kick lately. i had grandiose plans to make a complex pattern, but the yarn is just so dark and slightly uneven that all my efforts would have been wasted. i used #6 addi turbos (which made my hands hurt but i wanted a tight gauge) and the pattern from knitlist. it's very snug and completely covers my ears, so it should be perfect for the coldest winter days. it's fairly scratchy though. i've heard llama compared favorably with alpaca, but i'd say it's not really the same. llama is much more rustic, but i like it.
Garter Short-row Hat from knitlist
i spun 431 yds total out of 1 lb of llama. i have 3 more skeins to knit matching mittens. the color is much more true in this photo.
2ply llama handspun
i bought some louet gems fingering to make spicy Boston Red Sox for xmas. the color "bold red" is perfect.
Louet Gems Fingering
i also got 11 skeins of reynolds andean alpaca from a destash sale. i have another original design idea for it, but it'll have to wait til the new year.
Reynolds Andean Alpaca 4ply
oh and i sewed some flannel pjs. i haven't turned on my heat yet and it's pretty cold in my apartment. the lowest it's gotten so far is 57F (inside. the lowest outside has been in the 20s--clarification provided so you don't think i'm a wuss). maybe that's why i'm going through a frenzy trying to make warm things to wear inside the house until i finally give in and turn on the heat.

and thanks so much for all the comments on the pringle cardi. i'll never be norah gaughan but i had a lot of fun half-assing the design process. i really appreciate the encouragement!


  1. Love that hat! Such a great color, and the garter stitch looks very clean.

  2. The hat, I like!
    I've really come to love Gems pearl as my favorite sock yarn. I think I have 'startitis' although I really don't know what everyone means by the term. I know it's been so long since I knit a stitch that I may have forgotten how. Really, I should be knitting right now. ;)

  3. Good lord, 57 degrees INSIDE? I cave at 68. I'm a wuss and I'm proud!

  4. Yeah cashmere gloves would be nice, but I could see them turning to dust fast.

    I love your llama hat! I might have to use that pattern.



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