Thursday, November 15, 2007

blah-blah-blahs on a blah day

1) i own 7 coats that are appropriate for the fall/winter season: 3/4 length black wool with leather trim for super cold days, mid-length pink boucle for everyday, 3/4 length lightweight car coat in baby blue for early fall/spring, white puffy jacket that needs the zipper fixed, black faux-fur jacket that makes me look like a gorilla but i wear it to theme parties and whenever i want to be tacky in an ironic way, aquamarine ski jacket that makes me look like a 5 year old but i keep it in case i ever go skiing (i haven't yet), and a navy blue peacoat that i just bought at steve & barrys for $20. oh and i also own a yellow puffy vest. you don't even want to know how many winter accessories i own.

2) i think that kim hargreaves is overrated. i admit that she designs classic, wearable items that are generally a teensy too English Rose Romantic for me but still nice, but i also think that she designs the same classic, wearable items over and over and over again. i have some older rowan mags with designs that i swear are nearly the exact same items that you can now only buy in one of her exclusive kits. this may not be her fault, but i also hate that her patterns are all written in the style of rowan patterns (lots of seaming and vague "every X rows," and "at the same times," and "reverse shaping for second sides," etc). i credit her for having the ideas, but i also feel like i could look at photos of most of her patterns and make something similar in a manner that makes more sense to me (top-down in the round) without having to buy the kit. i will not be amongst those who are lining up to purchase her new book.

3) i have given up trying to comprehend spicy's yarn likes and dislikes. his new favorite pair of socks are the s'mores charade socks i knit from lane cervinia something something. he says that they are the softest socks he owns. apparently his sunshine yarns superwash merino socks cannot hold a candle to these new ones. i honestly thought that he would hate them b/c of the bold pooling but apparently it doesn't bother him. and yet he barely wears clothes that are not navy blue or gray. hopefully he will take to the bright red socks that are on my list to knit him for xmas.

4) our official "hey we're a couple now" anniversary is on thanksgiving. we will have been together for one year. we're not really anniversary celebrators, but i remember that we made it official on that day because the night previously, i had my big ladies' nite gathering with no boys allowed. we went to a bar and ran into some male friends of ours. one of the guys, Mr. Forty, invited me to participate in some kind of singles poker nite he was organizing. i hemmed and hawed awkwardly and finally blurted out that i wasn't sure if i could participate, because i might not be single. the girls said i could use this as a great opportunity to corner spicy and find out if we were indeed a couple. in retrospect, this was a horrible suggestion, but we were all drinking and it seemed like the thing to do at the time. so on thanksgiving, he came over to cook dinner with me and i told him the Mr. Forty story and finished with, "so, should i go?" spicy mumbled something along the lines of, "uh, i guess. i mean, go if you want to." a few hours later and probably a glass or two of wine he took a different tack, and said, "i think you should tell Mr. Forty that you aren't interested in singles nite."

and now i have gotten too mushy.


  1. That's very mushy for you! :)


  2. What a cute story. (just the right amount of mushy)

  3. Happy mushy anniversary then! I'm married and I don't get mushy about them too much, so it's nice to see others be mushy. Plus I just like typing mushy. Mushy, mushy, mushy.

    Ok, I'm done now.

  4. Happy Mushiversary! ;)

    Eh, boys are weird.

  5. Ahhhhhhhh! You're so C"U"UUUUUTTTTEEEEEE!!!

    Hey, you want sugar sweet, I should write up the story of Mr. and Mrs. Mag. Let's just put it in a few words, we once had T-shirts made up, matching t-shirts that say "M & M Inc" in rainbow flicker Mylar letters. I have photographic evidence.

    Congrats on One Year! He's a keeper. He took good care of you when you were laid up with your back. A very enormous indication of a keeper.

  6. Very sweet and I agree about K. Hargreaves, sometimes I think I'd love one of her kits but I know I'd probably never finish it.

  7. Hey, Dave and I had our first date around Thanksgiving. It had to be on a Monday night because, you know, leaving town for Thanksgiving.

    Happy anniversary. It's a good week for it!



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