Friday, October 05, 2007

Settle an argument for me

Who is more powerful? Oprah or Condi? Discuss.

i feel like puking but i get to go home in 34 minutes. ugh.


  1. Oprah. The media rules in this country.

  2. Oprah, but only because I think she comes from a scrappier background than Condi. I love a good scrapper!

  3. Financially? Oprah

    Foreign Policy? Condi

    Looks?....Oprah (sorry Condi)

  4. The ramifications of either are too horrifying to contemplate.

  5. As much as it pains me to say it, Oprah. See, she is what we call 'her own boss' and Condi is most definitely NOT her own boss. Oprah holds the key to millions of zombie hearts and 'minds' and can make them do whatever she (um her producers) wants. Condi has to WORK to convince people of the admin's policy and is not often successful at that. Now ask me who is more intelligent? Who deserves more power and to be her own boss if I were in charge of the world?
    I know it's fun to 'hate' Condi because she's part of the nightmare team, but I respect her brains and her success. I have zero respect for Oprah who made her way on the guilt, brains and financial consul of white men. Oprah hasn't two sticks of a brain to rub together and make a spark. A demagogue in the very worst sense.

    Not that I have an opinion about it or anything. ;-)

  6. Sadly enough, they both are in their own arenas. However, I respect Condelezza Rice more than Oprah. Oprah reminds me too much of Martha Stewart.



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