Wednesday, October 03, 2007

my new fiber love and did i mention i hate baseball?

so i have a feeling i'm going to say this with every new fiber i try, but i am absolutely in love with superwash merino/tencel. i've spun up 2 oz and have 2 more to go. as a perpetual overspinner, i'm not having any trouble getting the singles to hold together. i'm hoping to have enough yardage in a 2 ply to knit socks for spicy, perhaps the tyrolean stockings from fall ik 2007.
Superwash Merino/Tencel
i'm currently knitting the Snowflake Socks from fall ik. i'm knitting one at a time on #2 brittany birch dpns. i marvel now on how quickly socks knit up when you only do one at a time. i'm using regia multiringel in clown and brown sheep wildefoote in black. i've already found 3 knots in the wildefoote--color me not impressed. i had to CO 64 stitches to have any hope of getting these socks over my heel. they seem to fit well now. i probably could've done a better job rearranging the instep to match the extra stitches i added to the sides, but it's not heinous enough for a do-over.
Snowflake socks WIP
so i've been bad. i broke down and bought some yarn from a ravelry destash. i got 12 balls of elann quechua alpaca/tencel for $20, including shipping. i am seriously contemplating using a couple of balls to knit Red Sox socks for spicy. i have doubts about using a drapey alpaca/tencel blend that isn't machine washable, but it is the perfect color, and it's now in my stash. i should have plenty left to knit a pretty lacy sweater for me.
12 balls of Elann Quechua
i guess the playoffs start tonight, and it's a sign of how much i love my boyfriend that i'm willing to let him come over to my house and watch baseball, the most boring sport in the history of the universe. ok, maybe golf is worse. maybe. like most people i've met from MA, spicy is unreasonably crazy about the red sox. perhaps i will experiment with his socks to keep myself from an evening of boredom. that way we both win. oh and all the boyfriend sockiness is b/c his birthday is next month. i'm planning to present him with a smorgasbord of pairs to get him through the winter. i'm already done with the smores socks and they are currently drying.


  1. Your merino tencel spin looks really good. The sock is really pretty. I am bending towards some stranding myself. I resist though.
    Thank goodness for knitting otherwise you'd have to pay attention to the game. ;)

  2. Love the mer-ten. It is definitely on my top fibers list too!

  3. Ah yes, the life of a sports widow. I know it well. Your membership card should be arriving shortly...

  4. What a great idea to pair the Regia rainbow colorway with black - I love the effect!

    And while baseball on its own might be boring, I find that it makes a good backdrop to more complex knitting, things I wouldn't attempt to work on while watching TV that requires a lot of attention. Gooooo Yankees!! *runs and hides*

  5. I love your snowflake socks - Those are some psychidelic snowflakes!

  6. Nice sock!

    Baseball probably is one of the more boring sports ever invented. But I recently got into watching soccer, and I have to say that's probably the worst sport for knitting while watching.



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