Friday, October 26, 2007

i've had a shitty day, so just let me ramble

microsoft word is the worst program in the history of the universe, except for microsoft powerpoint. just had to get that off my chest.

so i'm wearing my twinkle shopping tunic for the first time today, and the verdict is in: i like it. evidently as long as my core is warm, the lack of sleeves is less of an obstacle than i would've thought. it is slightly itchy though, and i'm shedding bits of mohair like there's no tomorrow. oh and it's really freaking hot. fortunately it is nasty outside but in my office the tunic is a bit overly warm. oh well. better too warm than too cold. my coworker really liked it, so i told her she could get one at anthropologie for $350. she came back with the promise of buying the materials and having me make it, so i told her i'd do it at the bargain price of $200. i don't think she's going to take me up on it. (ok, so it turns out it's only $230--i stand corrected)

oh yeah, i seem to recall telling someone i'd keep them posted on how the trumpet skirt wears but i can't remember if i already answered that question. well, it doesn't sag. it's still as shapely as ever. it might have grown half an inch longer. but it is really really hot. like if i ever wore the shopping tunic and the trumpet skirt together i'd probably spontaneously combust. it'll be great for january-march, but for fall it's wayyyyy too hot. nobody likes overly hot ass. i'm going to stop talking about my ass now.

i finally broke down and ordered knitting classic style b/c i have to give my copy back to the library soon. there's so many things that i want to knit. i think my first project will be to make the lacy opera gloves in cashmere. i had a moral dilemma, b/c being a cheap bastard it just seems wrong to knit $60 gloves that will likely not last more than one winter season, but my alternative was to knit a lacy scarf/wrap that may well look gorgeous forever, but that's b/c i'd never wear it. i'm planning to double strand to get a fingering weight. i also want to make the tabi socks, and the lacy mohair scarf, and don't even get me started on that beautiful military coat...

spicy's knucks are done and are drying. they turned out so nice that i want to keep them--vintage madonna comparisons notwithstanding. i think he will be happy. i'm also about 3/4 done with my friend's rainbow scarf, and then i can start on log cabin socks for her boyfriend. i don't mind gift knitting when it's only a little. then i can go back to being selfish. my grey cardigan is stuck on Sleeve Island. oh so many of my sweaters get marooned there, or on Button Peninsula, on which the purple cardigan is permanently retired. i even have the buttons--i just can't bring myself to sew them on.

i have a frisbee tournament tomorrow and the weather is supposed to be shit. i am so unexcited. it's a costume tourney and our theme is Bridezillas. hope i can dig up something white tonight.


  1. Isn't everything at Antropologie approx. $200? ;-) I don't know, I've only been in there once.

    I bought that book, Knitting Classic Style. After I said I didn't like Avery's stuff. I saw the book and I see that I did not know what I was talking about. It's a really special book. I have never known a knitting book that contained more than 2 patterns I wanted to knit. This one, I want to knit about 6 of the patterns. I am starting with the Obi scarf and the Tabi socks. Those socks were designed for me. :-)

  2. Way to deflect your coworker!

    Hmmm, well, you could wear all black instead of white. Because a REAL bridezilla would want to make sure she stood out from the crowd. ;)

  3. Ah yes, Anthropologie. It's my one big weakness, clothes-wise. I spent $140 on a long cardi/coat type of thing the other week... should have known better than to walk into their store. But their stuff is so beautiful!

    The weather did suck yesterday. Did the frisbee tournament happen? How'd it go?

    I hope your day got better! Sucky days just plain... well, suck.

  4. I'd say all red would be more bridezilla than all black. Nevermind that tons of brides wear all red these days.

    I watch way too much of the WE show. One Bridezilla wore a miss-america type sash the whole week before her wedding that said "bride to be". In case she had to pause for breath about her wedding and someone forgot she was getting married.



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