Tuesday, October 23, 2007

it all works out in the end.


so i finished one cable twist sock and tried it on. i used exactly half of the skein. even with contrasting heel and toe, the cuffs weren't long enough--only about 6 inches. six inch cuffs would drive me crazy, so i know that they won't work for spicy. i put the sock away to ponder my options.

cut to this weekend. i picked up a copy of interweave gifts and was thumbing through it while we (ie: spicy) were watching baseball. i see the thousandth pair of fingerless mitts, and i ask, "who wears those anyway? i gave it a shot but i felt like i was trying to be madonna circa 1984." and then spicy says, "actually i could really use a pair for when i'm working outside and it's cold but i need to use my hands."

so b/c i'm a little slow i started envisioning a pair of dashings and i was *thisclose* to ordering some knitpicks swish, but then the light when on and i remembered the lone cable twist sock with the too short cuffs.
Knucks from Knitty
and now that sock is on its way to becoming a pair of knucks. i know that he will like this pattern better anyway b/c he specifically asked for plain ones, as he will be working in them and they cannot be "nice." dashings probably would've been too nice. i am nearly finished with the first one. they are surprisingly quick and fun to knit. i shouldn't have any problem finishing the pair in time for his birthday. hopefully i did not just jinx myself.

RIP, cable twist socks. i hardly knew ye. i plan to knit the pattern again someday but i want to use multicolored yarn next time.

oh yeah, i almost forgot. the most hilarious thing happened this weekend. spicy and i went to a local animal shelter and they have a petting zoo in the back. the zoo had two very dirty llamas. well spicy approached one and tried to pet him, but the llama seemed agitated and started baring his teeth. so i said, "ooh, that doesn't look good. maybe you should back away," right as he reared back and spit in my boyfriend's face. then i started laughing and said, "oh yeah, they spit. did i forget to tell you that?"

i'm still chuckling about it now. spicy thought it was pretty funny too, after he wiped the brown spittle off his cheek. the other llama was much nicer.

we were very lucky to escape without adopting any animals. if they'd had any 3-legged dogs we would've been in real trouble.


  1. Very smart! I'd have frogged the sock and pawed through my stash for something else to make the knucks with. :P

    Haha on the llama spit!

  2. "Spat on by llama" is one of those great life experiences Spicy will be able to cross off his list now. Hope the knucks turn out well.

  3. Glad you were able to recycle the sock! That's funny because I think a 6 inch cuff is perfect.

  4. I will say, I'm in love with my alpaca knucks...!



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