Monday, October 08, 2007

i'm getting dizzy

from all the spinning. get it? here i go with the lame jokes. don't mind me--i'm ever so slightly nervous. spicy's mom is coming over to my house tonight to eat homemade sushi. and i haven't cleaned the living room. i'm not sure i'm ready to meet the folks. or the folk, anyway, but i've been told she's very nice.

right, the spinning.
Spinner's Hill Roving
this is the Spinner's Hill roving i got from the lys store. it's some kind of sheep breed cross. i should really start writing these things down. i wanna say it was a cross of some sheep that starts with an R and a breed that starts with a C. yeah, if you know anything about sheep breeds, you'll realize that information doesn't help in the slightest. the colors are difficult to capture as they are so deep and intense, but suffice to say that the colors are much prettier in real life, from deep reddish purples to orangey golds to hot pinks to forest greens.

i had a terrible time spinning this because as hard as i might try, i can't spin very thin singles. i only have two ratios, but apparently there are 21:1 bobbins available for my wheel that i think i should get. otherwise i can't really spin a plied yarn thinner than DK. i should really weigh these skeins to find out how much of the 4oz that i ended up throwing away. i decided to use the remainder as a plying experiment.

the top is a 2 ply, the second is a true 3ply, the third is navajo plied, and the bottom skein is some leftover brown sheep singles that i used to practice navajo plying. i ended up with 237 yards total of the spinner's hill. i have no idea what i will use it for.
Superwash Merino/Tencel
i finished plying my superwash merino/tencel from winderwood farms, 2ply, 265 yards. ooh shiny. this was a joy to spin. it required no predrafting. i spun from the fold successfully for the first time. i think i can get a decent pair of socks for spicy if i use contrasting heels and toes. these will be his birthday socks for reals, as i got a little overexcited and gave him the s'mores socks already. so no FO photos. he really liked the socks, and i'm relieved that he likes the shorter length (i used every last inch of yarn and the cuffs were only 9" tall)
handspun exchange
my current spinning project. i'm spinning up this merino from high bid farms for bronwyn. we're doing our own 2 person handspun exchange. i am spinning this from the fold to blend the colors. it's like spinning fluffy clouds.

oh yeah i almost forgot. i bought 3.75 lbs of llama roving from a destash sale because i am insane. i have 2.5 lbs of natural white and 1.25 lbs of dark chocolate. i'm hoping to spin yarn for 2 superwarm sweaters--the chocolate for me and the natural for spicy. he's already requested something that zips up the front. guess i gotta learn to do that too.


  1. It doesn't always matter if the "Mom in Law" loves you or not. What matters is how much and how well the male in question respects and gets along with his Mom. (Personally, I'd love a little crafty smart aleck for a son's girlfriend/in-law. ;-)

    The spin, all of it, is beautiful. I can see the improvement experience has made in your yarns.

  2. Very nice spin! It's looking good!

    So hey, since she's Spicy's mom, does that make her one Hot Mama?

    Sorry, you started the lame jokes ;-)

  3. Ok, yeah, that is a lot of spinning. But all very nice stuff!

    Tell his mom I said hi! Because, you know, it's totally normal to tell people "oh this random person from my blog said to tell you hi" right after you meet them.

  4. What sort of wheel do you use? Yes, I am a nosey web stalker--who is also in the market for a spinning wheel...



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