Tuesday, September 04, 2007

some more stuff to look at

Kill Bill Vol 2. socks
My Kill Bill, Vol. 2 socks. made from my 2 ply handspun using brown sheep mill ends. #3 addi turbos, 2 at once, toe up. 44 st inc to 52 st at the cuff, using the YO short-row heel from summer IK 2007 (my new favorite, apparently. i guess i've decided guessets are overrated). i'm annoyed that the socks are not the same height as they have the same number of rows, but it's the nature of handspun, i guess. not the softest socks in the word and they look a little strange, but still wearable. i hope someday to spin up Kill Bill, Vol. 1 yarn as well.
Red Batt Singles
and speaking of spinning, i made this 4 oz batt into this yarn. it's 177 yds of a light worsted singles yarn. i am planning to make a hat for my mom. she picked out the colors herself. i may go back for more--i think it would make a great sweater yarn. this was my first time spinning from a batt, but i found it to be a very pleasant experience.
Simplicity 4111
i've been sewing a lot, but i'll have to unveil gradually. this is simplicity 4111, another built by wendy pattern. i used a striped cotton shirting that my mom found on sale at joanns. i pretty much sewed the pattern in size 10 without modifications, but next time i would raise the neckline and shorten the sleeves. other than that, it's a very easy pattern and it's comfy and flattering. i would definitely make it again.
Puff Sleeve Cardigan from Fitted Knits
i'm still working on the fitted knits cardigan. at this point i have pretty much completely given up on the directions as written. i'm through the waist shaping and am almost ready to start my (modified) peplum.
S'Mores socks
and finally, i started a pair of socks for spicy's birthday. i'm calling them the Smores socks. i'm using the souvenir yarn he gave me from our trip to the adirondacks. i hope i don't run out of yarn. the yardage is kind of stingy.


  1. Great socks! Your handspun is looking very nice. You're a quick learner.

  2. Handspun socks!

    I adore handspun socks.

    In fact, I'm spinning up more sock yarn now...

  3. It's all good. I love the crazy hand spun socks.

  4. Your handspun looks great!

    Its really interesting how the colors are grouping together in the smores sock.

  5. I love those socks waaaaay more than I loved that movie! Hee hee!

    Those smore socks are hypnotic!

  6. So much to look at! Of course, I love the socks. ;) Everyone was slightly off their kilter in the Kill Bill movies, so the slightly mismatched height are actually appropriate. ;)

    Love the look of those S'mores!



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