Monday, September 10, 2007

the remainder

ok, i'm finally caught up with all the stuff i've sewed to date.
Simplicity 3835, View C
Simplicity 3835, View C (the same pattern as the white polka dot dress). i made this one pre-serger. i used a rayon-poly blend from the Mom stash, and sewed a size 6. i love that this top is so simple and yet very flattering with the boatneck. my only alteration was to leave out the arm elastic. i would probably never use it--i hate tight sleeves plus i don't really go for the daisy mae look. this shirt would look cute in a really bold print. you could also make it look very current by sewing a looser, more billowy fit. i probably won't b/c i've tried on those styles and i tend to look like i wandered into a circus tent and can't find my way out.

Sew U pants
pants are from Sew U, fabric is navy twill from the Mom stash. i used a really cute contrasting fabric for the waistband facing. these are the pants that i fucked up by cutting them about 4 sizes too large. i also messed up the front rise, which is the first seam i ever sewed on my new serger, so the crotch fits very oddly (sorry to make you look). at least i learned from my mistakes. despite these issues, i still like the pants. they are too loose in the waist by about an inch or so (after removing 3 inches) but are wearable with a belt. i applied front patch pockets and faux back pocket flaps. i also altered them to be wide-legged.

Green Chunky Singles
i did some spinning last week. i used up the last of the brown sheep mill ends natural. this is 9 oz spun up as a chunky singles yarn, about 176 yds. i kettle dyed the yarn using wiltons and koolaid. i was going for a faux malabrigo look. i might dye it again, as i originally wanted it to be a little darker. i probably have enough to make a winter hat and mittens, or perhaps a scarf. i haven't decided yet.


  1. Ok, I had to giggle, I thought that *was* some yummy malabrigo! Great job!

  2. Very nice! I like that top. I would have stayed away from the elastic sleeves too. Those look good when you're 5 but are much harder to pull off after that.

  3. Nice stuff! I especially like the pants.

  4. Cute outfit. Smart move on the sleeves, arm elastic is for little girls and Oktoberfest maid outfits. Nice RTW touch in the waistband lining, I love that sort of thing. I have a RTW black pinwale corduroy coat that is not lined but all the interior seams are finished with bright fuchsia binding. Lovely.

    Great green color on that homespun. Very pretty.



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