Thursday, September 06, 2007

my poor arms were squeezed like sausages

Simplicity 3835
over the holiday weekend, i sewed up Simplicity 3835, yet another Built by Wendy pattern. i made View C, the top, probably 2 weeks ago, but i haven't had a chance to photograph it yet.

This one is View B, the minidress, with the pockets from View A. i also shortened the sleeves. the fabric is a white and navy polka-dot cotton on sale at joanns. i used some scrap white batiste for the facing on the ties. i made a size 8.

i really like the style and i'm sure i'll make more of them, but i had a few issues. i wanted to shorten the sleeves, but i forgot to also widen them at the cuff. they were so tight that my arms looked like link sausages squeezed into polka-dot casings. i added a slit above the ties to make it more roomy. i was all excited to make the version with the ties, b/c i thought they were so cute, but they are actually really annoying to wear. i think future versions will have plain sleeves. i adore the addition of the pockets and the length is just right for me. i did not particularly like sewing a lapped zipper. i think i would just do a centered zip in the future.

i think this dress could look very different by using contrasting fabric for the cuffs and collar, or adding piping. i've seen so many versions of this dress that are cute. i'm looking forward to wearing this in the fall with tights and mary janes.


  1. Ooo! I really like the idea of that dress with darker contrasting cuffs and collar! Too cute!

  2. If you have enough fabric left over, you could remake the sleeves so they fit. I am the alter it! Queen. You can sometimes slash and add triangles of fabric to ease a tight area. I wish I lived near you, I could impart all my sewing knowledge over to you. I'm certainly not using it. ;-)

    Yeah, make one in dark with contrast!

  3. Very cute dress! I like the contrasting cuffs/collar idea too. And the shorter sleeves look great with this style. Can you make a little slit at the bottom of the sleeves and lengthen the ties so they tie the sleeve together on the side? It looks like the too-tight spot is mostly around the bottom, so maybe you wouldn't have to do any major sewing.

    Of course, keep in mind that this is coming from someone who can't sew a patchwork pillow that's made up of all squares!



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