Wednesday, September 05, 2007

impractical garments

have you read this review for veronik avery's new book? to be honest, in the past i haven't really been that big a fan of her work, but i was intrigued after reading the review. i thumbed through a copy last night at borders, and this one is now definitely going on my wishlist. the patterns are all fairly complex with a nice variety of styles, and there are so many that i would want to make.

Twinkle Shopping Tunic
i knit up the Twinkle Shopping Tunic over the holiday weekend. i used about 268 yds of my bulky handspun, using red tones and black tones brown sheep mill ends. it took me about 2 days to knit. it would've taken one, but i had to spin up more gray yarn, and i still didn't have enough to knit the entire cowl length or the pockets. i think this was a blessing in disguise, b/c the cowl is already plentiful. i am sad about the lack of pockets though. i used #15 denise circs and knit the largest size, as my gauge was significantly off from the pattern specs. i like the finished result, and it's surprisingly flattering, but it has to be the least practical garment on the face of the earth. when will it ever be cold enough to wear a super bulky sweater, but also warm enough that you don't need sleeves? oh well. at least it was a fun exercise. i borrowed the twinkle book from the library and i was surprised to find several patterns that i would like to make. i may end up picking this one up after all, especially if i can consistently whip up bulky handspun.


  1. I haven't been able to find the veronik book locally yet! I may give up and just order it -- I really like the cover sweater and the military styled cardigan.

    I like the tunic -- how would it look with a snug long sleeved top under it? or do you not do the layering thing (some people can pull it off).

  2. Veronik patterns are hit or miss with me, but after that review I'd thumb thru it at the bookstore.

    I'm also not a big fan of Twinkle patterns either--but you look great in that tunic! Jess is right, a very snug long sleeved top might fit the bill underneath it.

  3. Love your tunic! It's so flattering!

    I have yarn for the tunic in my stash. I reasoned that I could wear a long sleeve shirt under it to make it more practical for cold weather.

  4. Great job on the tunic! Maybe a tissue tee underneath would be cute?

  5. I suppose it was meant to be layered over a thinner long sleeved t shirt?
    Seems to me like V.A. does a lot of patterns in bulky. (I rarely do bulky.) There is one 'wrap sweater' from IK of hers that I am planning on making, in bulky but other than that, I usually pass over her stuff. I tend to like things to be plainer and simpler that she does.

  6. Two days? Man, that's some dynamo knitting. Well done, it looks good!

  7. It looks great on you! I would look like a fatty! :)


  8. That's cute! I'm sort of surprised, as I normally hate Twinkle patterns. It looks good on you, though.



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