Friday, September 14, 2007

i really like the new knitty.

but first: i'm really pissed at interweave knits as i still do not have my fall issue. so it's partly my fault for waiting too long to renew my subscription, and i missed the boat on the first mailing. i was told to wait for the second wave, so i did--patiently, but no go. i emailed customer service (and i parenthetically pause to say that at least on their part and mine, the exchanges *have* been very polite, and there have been quite a few of them) and they said a replacement would be sent out right away. this was about a week and a half ago. i read on a ravelry forum that the fall issue was "sold out" and that they wouldn't be sending any more, so in a panic i emailed customer service again, and was told that they were waiting to receive the second printing and that my replacement would be sent out at that time.

so when the fuck is that gonna be? i am thinking about just hunting it down on the newsstand and asking them if they will start my sub with winter. it's pissing me off because i was of 3/4 a mind to make the cobblestone pullover for my dad for xmas, but i don't think i will have enough time now. i would have felt much less frustrated if they had just said in the beginning, "we don't know when we will be able to mail it to you," b/c it's likely that i would've just tried to get it through another source. but now the longer i wait, the less likely it is that i'll be able to find it, especially since it's been so popular. there's a big difference between, "oh we're so sorry--we'll mail a replacement right away," and "we haven't even received the shipments to send out the replacements" you know? and somehow i'm the dumbass who didn't learn my lesson, b/c i just subscribed to Interweave Crochet too.


i really like the new knitty. i haven't been impressed of late, but i thought that this issue had an amazing variety of patterns in difficulty, technique, construction, and type. best of all, although i had a few shrugs of, "whatever," there weren't really any patterns that made me think, "what the hell is THAT?" the standouts for me were muir, foliage (i was just looking for a pattern to use with my fauxbrigo, urchin (which i'm not 100% sure that it's wearable, but it looks like a fun exercise and a good use for handspun), and Q (which i think would make really nice manly colorwork socks, and i just got the ok from spicy to make him some "fancy" socks). i think if i made Q i'd try to work out a way to carry the pattern down the instep.

even beyond these, i'd keep a few of the patterns in mind for future possibilities, like a couple of the sweaters and the throw. presently i am working on a stashbustery seamless yoke pullover using the handy book of sweater patterns/EZ's knitting without tears, and i might throw in the chart from neiman. we'll see.


  1. It is a nice issue. I'm looking at "Mr. Greenjeans" for myself. I'm a little too fat in the tummy for cables over the bulge, but I don't really care anymore. (I am going to wear what the fuck I want to, just like you suggested :-)

    I love those 'Q' socks.

  2. I just wasn't too impressed with the patterns this issue. But they might grow on me. They always do about a month out when other people start making them. Ha ha!

  3. I had the same feelings about the new Knitty. Nothing really jumped out at me as "must make now", but there were lots of good, solid patterns. It's probably for the best that I didn't fall in love with anything right away, as I already have too much on my plate.

  4. I really liked two of the sweater patterns and the other man sock pattern. They are actually something Mr. Batty would wear!

    Urchin is so weird, I like it. I'm thinking weird yarn, something that makes it even more outrageous. I mean, when being outrageous, it's best to go all the way, right?

    I hope you get your magazine soon. They can be a bit slow with delivery.

  5. I know what you mean about subscribing to Interweave. Every time a student of mine has a fundraiser for school, I renew my subs then, since I'm going to do it anyway and they get a little money out of it. But I just don't sub to Interweave, because they're way too unreliable! I buy mine off the newstand with my employee discount. I'm sure I spend a little more, but whatever... it's worth not dealing with the frustration.

    Also, I am pissed FOR YOU that they sold out on the newstand, and have now shafted subscribers as a result. What poor service, really. *rolls eyes*



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