Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hilary Duff is the devil.

clearly. that goes without saying. her songs whip me into a frenzy of insanity. i think she might also do other things, like perhaps act with her sister (who was definitely not cool enough to be in Napoleon Dynamite) and stir up fights over who gets the faux punk rocker.

then why oh why do i think that this is the cutest coat EVER? without the crap on the back of course.

you know what makes it even worse? her line is called, "Stuff by Hilary Duff." that is just wrong.

i've been searching for a peacoat pattern. i'm thinking about sewing a navy coat for winter. but i seem to recall that i used to own a peacoat and that the shorter length wasn't warm enough for the winter weather here. of course, the billowy hem of this coat means that the cold air will probably just blow right up it and i'll freeze to death but i do own 2 other perfectly serviceable winter coats and i could use a frivolous one for less frigid days.

but hilary duff though? i am conflicted. maybe if i get it on sale at joanns for 99 cents? will my contributing a dollar to Duff's Evil Empire lead to the destruction of my soul?

i have 9 rows of sleeve to knit on my purple cardigan and i must find buttons. i was thinking about hitting up the thrift store b/c i'm a cheap bastard. plus it would keep me away from joanns and Hilary Duff and Her Patterns of Perversity. especially when they are not on sale.


  1. One of the great things about getting old and NOT having teenagers in the house is that I have no idea who these little starlets are. I don't know the cool bands either. It's a big relief, this not having to be cool.

    I'd say save your soul and keep looking for coat patterns. Sure the coat is cute but there are other cute coats.

  2. That is a cute coat, and more power to you if you can pull off that look. (I personally would look like a circus tent in a swing coat.) I agree with Magatha that there are other cute coats out there though. I'll keep my eyes out for you.

  3. HAAAAAAA! De-lurking to tell you that this post cracks me up. If it were me, I'd just buy it and then go to Wal-Mart and buy something from the Olsen twins to counter-act what I had just done.

  4. Ok, yeah that is cute. And I think you could pull it off. I'm a big peacoat lover myself and can't wait to pull mine out for winter.

    Honestly, I would encourage you to sew something similar but NOT endorsed by the Duff. But I'm just a big knock off supporter ;-)

  5. Cute coat! I have made a couple of winter coats myself, and they are pretty easy to do.


  6. I say go for it. Hilary will stay rich either way, so you might as well get a great coat out of it!

  7. Britney Duff...Hillary Spears....Lindsay Pannitiere....I get 'em all confused!

  8. Why do you think it's the cutest coat ever? Because it is. Look at that thing. I want one. A red one with black buttons. I don't care if Hilary Duff had something to do with the pattern.

    Make that coat and wear it on crisp, non-freezing days. You'll love it.

  9. Try vintage patterns! The Vintage Vogue line has some coats that look like that, IIRC. And you can find amazing patterns like that on ebay. Resist the Duff!

  10. It could be worse, how about Hannah Montana patterned clothing with leopard spots and tulle and sparkly ribbon and all kinds of garbage stuck all over it?! The coat is cute, and I actually think it's kinda cool that the Duff sews. It makes her seem less plastic, somehow. Like you might actually have something to talk about if you're stuck at the gate at the airport! (Don't think I'll be rushing out to buy her cd though!)

    P.S. - I was once stuck at the gate with Brad Pitt. This was many moons ago, when I was 16. I'm not really a fan, so I didn't say anything...



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