Thursday, September 20, 2007

clearly i can't slip anything past you people

yes, it is indeed venezia. (and thanks to joanna for getting the Pinky and the Brain reference)

i'm thinking i might tackle it this winter. i liked the sweater when it came out, but i was never crazy about the colors. actually i think my eyes must work in an entirely different fashion from eunny jang's, b/c i don't like the colors she picked for autumn rose either. both are pretty i suppose, but not my style. anyway, it is a little silly since the colors i'm debating for venezia (in knitpicks palette) are really not that different from the original. i just replaced the blues with browns and the greens with blues. i still like my version better, though.

i'm waiting for buttons to arrive for my formerly puff-sleeved cardigan, and i'm very nearly done with my yoked stashbuster pullover. until then, have a good weekend.


  1. Have you seen the version on ravelry that is done in only two colors? I think it's my favorite out of all the finished versions I've seen.

  2. I was completely clueless. And still am! I'm off to Rav to see what the heck you're talking about. ;)

  3. I can't believe I missed the Pinky and the Brain reference. I must have been distracted by the Venezia. Oh, and I have a Palette colorcard with the new colors if you need to get an opinion on them.

  4. I'm looking forward to your Venezia!

  5. Well, I *did* spend five months of my life staring at that chart, I can't really help but recognize it.

    But you know I'm a big fan of the sweater. And the two-color one Kelly is talking about is *gorgeous*, part of me wishes I'd seen it before I made mine. Plus I think she used non-scratchy yarn... worse for steeking, better for wearing. There's also a long-sleeved, scoopneck version that I love.



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