Wednesday, September 26, 2007

blog slogging

le sigh. i can feel myself shedding subscribers with all the talk of crafting things but no evidence. shed away, my friends. shed away.

spicy asked me a few days ago if i've started spinning any of that fiber i got at the festival. the answer is no. it's been too hot to spin. plus i'm still trying to finish up the fiber that i got from the lys in august. i'm having some issues. i have some partially spun singles that i'm about ready to throw into the garbage.

have i done any sewing? no. i really prefer to designate sewing time to make something from start to finish. primarily this time has been weekends. but now that spicy no longer works weekends, i either spend time with him or i've been occupied and/or away with fall frisbee tournaments. i haven't even been home long enough to clean my apartment. i have lots of plans, though. always with the plans.

have i done any quilting? well, yes and no. i am *thisclose* to finishing my baby quilt, but see aforementioned lack of sewing time. i also have grand designs for my second quilt. you know, for whenever i finish the first one. and depending on whether i decide that i'm cut out (ha, ha) to be a quilter after i finish the first one.

have i been knitting? yes, with varying degrees of success. i finished urchin with my handspun, but as expected i look like a dumbass, so the hat will go in the giveaway pile. i'm still slogging away on the s'mores socks. i'm still waiting for buttons for the purple cardigan. the yoked pullover is done. and i was making nice progress with my placed cabled aran, until i noticed last night that i screwed up one of the cables on the front, which means an evening's worth of knitting time must be frogged. maybe i shouldn't knit when i'm exhausted. oh and don't tell me i can drop the stitches just for the cable panel and fix them, b/c i already did that and it looks like crap. and there's still an error. it's probably better if you just don't ask.

but at least i got around to photographing the yarn my mom brought me in august. she picked it up when she was visiting my relatives in iowa. if i ever finish the s'mores socks, i'll start on a pair for her.

madil eden print. i'm thinking about making the silk slip from knitting lingerie style. eventually.
Madil Eden Print
meilenweit cotton multiringel. i'm pretty sure this is the same blend i used to make her birthday socks a couple of years ago. at least i know she likes the yarn, even if i'm not the biggest fan.
Meilenweit Cotton Multiringel
austermann step. i was thinking about using the free cat bordhi pattern excerpted from new pathways for knitting socks.
Austermann Step

someday i will summon the willpower to catch up. until then, i need a nap.


  1. You've been on a crafting binge for what seems like an eternity now, it's good to get outside and do other stuff. You'll be cooped up during the winter soon enough.
    I have had no luck with the 'drop stitches to the error' repair myself, except in socks, where I just do it and forget how wonky it looks.
    I wonder why the Eden yarn has dogs on the label? :-)

  2. Yeah heat takes the wind out of my crafty sailes as well. And I get so much more done with Dr. MS isn't around, so I can see where having Spicy around and hanging with him isn't very productive on the knitting/spinning/sewing/quilting front.

  3. The Eden Print is intriguing looking.

    I know how it is to have too many ideas and not enough crafting time. Magatha's right--once winter rolls around you'll get back to it.

  4. Boys take up so much time, don't they? But it's good to take a break every once in a while!

    Hmmm, can you maybe knit and felt together those partially spun singles? Make a funky felted box or something? Or sometimes a ritual burning helps. ;)

  5. Hope the nap helps ;-)

    (it could be worse. you could be doing crafty stuff but failing to blog about it for weeks at a time, like me)



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