Friday, August 24, 2007

This is only the beginning

weezalana, i will definitely do a review of Sew U when i've had a chance to catch up on everything.

Where should we start? How bout a little bit of yarn storage?
Yarn Organization
i got these closet sweater organizers at linens n things. they work pretty well for yarn. all of my whole skeins fit in these two and my partials fit into two bins in the corner, instead of having overstuffed baskets all stacked on top of each other and shoved in a corner of the closet. my mom nearly fainted at the amount of yarn i have, but i actually thought that i have a quite manageable amount. the bins aren't even completely full. it's organized by weight and sort of by fiber. i learned that i have a lot of worsted weight yarn.

of course, if i keep spinning and not knitting, that storage is going to fill up pretty fast. i finished this set of bulky handspun before my mom arrived.
Bulky handspun
Bulky handspun
both are singles. 119 yds of the red and 104 yds of the grey. i used up most of the brown sheep mill ends red tones i had left. i'm hoping to use the combo to make a twinkle shopping tunic. i put in a request through interlibrary loan, but the book hasn't come yet. spinning bulky yarn was fun. i had to go really slowly. i predrafted and then just added twist. i have some of the black tones left if i need to spin up more yarn for the tunic.

my mom wanted to see how the process worked, so when she came, we dyed up some natural roving with wilton's dye. it was my first time painting roving with wiltons and i had no idea of the strength of the dyes. the colors turned out neon 80s-tastic, but i don't necessarily think it was a bad thing. i followed the spin-off article for spinning fractal stripes. i spun half of the roving on one bobbin and separated the other half into 3 in order to make skinnier stripes on the other bobbin, then plied them together. i'm very pleased with how it turned out. i plied it tighter and it looks much more like real yarn. i can't wait to see how it knits up. the pic doesn't really do it justice. the yarn is much more vibrant in real life. there's 215 yards and it's a sportweight.
Wilton's dyed handspun

tired yet? we went to a local yarn store. they recently moved to a new location, and they are now carrying spinning supplies, so i stocked up. again, sorry for the crappy pictures. all of the following are much prettier in real life. all of this stuff comes from a local farm, Spinner's Hill.
4 oz Batt from Spinner's Hill
4 oz wool batt. my mom picked out the color she wanted. i will spin this and knit something for her, a hat perhaps. i kind of owe her one after i messed up the hat i tried to felt for her last year.
Roving from Spinner's Hill
the colors in this wool roving are so pretty. i got 4 oz to try.
Silk cap from spinner's hill
and i also got this silk cap. the colors vary from a rich brick to orange.

almost done for today. with the exception of the bathroom, my apartment walls are all white and most of them were completely bare. spicy frequently makes "padded cell" jokes. so i figured it was time for some wall decorations. i made some 9" swatch portraits (idea from the purl bee) and hung them in the bathroom. the fabric is the adorable animal fat quarters that i ordered from japan. i saved enough to use in a quilt. the hedgehogs in the middle are my favorite.
Swatch Portraits

whew, that's all for today, but there's more to come later.

oh yeah before i forget--thanks to indigomouse for nominating me for a rockin gurrrrrrrl blogger award, or whatever it's called. i'm very thankful that you thought of me, but i'm very anti-button. i'd say i'm much more anti-button than anti-pink. so i must gracefully decline to spread the disease. i mean, meme.


  1. Yeah, they are a bit like diseases. Your immune system is strong!

    (Love the 80s yarn, btw.)

  2. Fractal stripes? Now you should knit it into a fractal. Useless and difficult, but totally sweet lookin'.

  3. You look like you've got your own mini LYS there. Not that it's an obscene amount of yarn--but the storage reminds me of the stuff at stores.

    I LOVE that Wilton dyed handspun--very cool way you plied it together!

  4. Wow, I don't even know where to begin. The yarn storage makes for such beautiful decoration. And it's perfect because you can change the contents around to match the seasons/your mood/holidays... the possibilities are endless.

    I love the fabric wall decorations too. Again, it's so easy to change around. You are truly inspired. And all that yarn! Beautiful yarn and roving.

  5. Very pretty yarn.... I love the colors.



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