Monday, August 27, 2007

serger love

this weekend i tried out my serger. and the very first seam that i sewed was the front rise on a pair of pants. i totally screwed up sewing the curve and it came out all kinds of fucked up. fortunately, these are not those pants.
Simplicity 3850 front
this is simplicity 3850, a built by wendy pattern for slim fitting pants. i used some lightweight aqua denim from my stash. i made View A, the full-length pants. here's a shot of the back.
Simplicity 3850 back
i have some fitting challenges, which i will elaborate on in another post. i'll also tell you more about my first pair of fucked up pants.

for these, i made the size 6 based on the finished hip measurements. for now i'll just say that if i went by my actual measurements i should've made the 10, but i've had enough experience with simplicity patterns to automatically cut out 2 sizes smaller. i ended up with a VERY snug fit, but i'm gonna go ahead and blame it on the style of the pants. the waist fits the way that it should--it's the legs that are tight. if i make these again, i will take smaller than 5/8" seam allowances to give me some more leg room.

i had some trouble figuring out the instructions for the fly, but once i could wrap my head around them, i like the construction. it looks very "authentic." the same goes for a lot of the details on this pattern--the back pocket flap, the set-in front pockets, the lower rise. i feel like i could've bought these pants in a store, which is a first for me. most of the pants i've made are inherently dumpy looking.

i also used a really cute contrasting fabric for the waistband facing, back pocket flap lining, and the front pockets. unfortunately i forgot to take a picture.

i decided to take a ride on the skinny pants train before it leaves the station. i am normally much more comfortable in bootcut and wide leg styles, but i'm not unhappy with how these turned out. i want to make another pair of dark denim skinny jeans and a pair of black cigarette pants. i also want to try the shorts. the beauty of this style is that it is one that will continue to come back in fashion.


  1. Cute! They really do look like pants you could buy in a store, except, you know, infinitely cooler.

  2. Oh wow, those turned out nice. I've heard about those patterns running small, but yikes--two sizes smaller???

  3. I like them. They look good on you!


  4. Check out the pants! Very nice.



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