Friday, August 10, 2007

A Serge of Excitement

so i'm taking vacation when my mother comes to visit next week, and i asked her i could borrow her serger for a year. she is bringing it with her and she will show me how to use it and everything. i'm also hoping that she will show me how to do a few things that i embarrassingly should have been able to do a long time ago, like make buttonholes. i want to buy Sew U b/c i'm really looking to get just a few basic patterns that i can adapt to different styles. i'm especially interested in the pants. i already have a lot of skirt patterns, and i hardly ever wear button-down shirts b/c i hate ironing, but a good pants pattern is worth its weight in gold. i'm definitely ready to use up more of my fabric that is taking up too much space, and i need to expand my wardrobe. i haven't shopped much in the past year, and some of my favorites are starting to wear out.

i will be glad to take some time off of work. the situation here with the temp isn't getting any better and every day i can feel myself moving closer towards going postal on her. (not really--please don't call DHS on me) i believe i have written before about my strong dislike of small talk. i do feel guilty b/c i can feel myself being rude by not contributing to her (very dull) conversation, but i don't want to encourage her to continue. but i suppose i reconciled myself to the fact that i'm a horrible person a long time ago. i can live with it. i'm just gonna continue to listen to LCD Soundsystem with headphones and pretend that i have my own office.

but this was supposed to be a happy post. it's nearly the middle of august, which means that very soon Spicy will be done with his second job forever and i'll be able to spend more time with him. it's been a difficult summer but we're almost through it.

and after all that pointless rambling, finally some spinning.
Yellow Singles
i soaked about 1.8 oz of natural and black tones roving and dyed it with almost an entire bottle of yellow food coloring. it turned out a little too saturated, but i'm ok with the results. i have a plan for this. hopefully i can finish it this weekend.


  1. Happy Vacation!!!! Enjoy the visit with your mom!

  2. That is probably some of the most Cheerful! capital C, exclamation point, yarn I've ever seen. Nice!

  3. When I worked in an office, I wore my iPod all the time - and I liked the people I worked with!

    The spinning looks great!

    P.S. Sew U's been on my wishlist, too. I pick it up every time I hit B&N.

  4. Cool about the serger. They have a high learning curve but for what they can do it is worth the trouble.
    Pants are all in the fit. It may be worth it to go the next step in your dressmaking skills and make a fitting muslin. It's the "swatch" of the sewing world. I can't tell you all about it in your comments section but if you google around you can get some info. If you make a perfectly fitted 'muslin' for your pants you can apply the alterations to any pants pattern. (It takes help from someone else to do it right, so maybe you and your Mom can get started, if you want to go that way.)
    Also, if you need tutoring in assorted basic skills, beyond what your Mom is available for, consider taking a look at Threads magazine. They have great basics articles and more, all on the subject of sewing.
    Ah vaycay, how wonderful! We need one around here too. You can tell it's time when the temp's prattle is a royal pain.

  5. Yay, more sewing! Also, I totally sympathize with your need for vacation. I'm "sick" today myself. Muahahaha!

  6. Yay vacation!!! Mine is two weeks away...and YES I'm counting!!!

    I'm totally with you on the small talk thing...NOT my forte...really. I dread getting my hair cut for this reason. I realize I just need to not worry about it but, damn! So I just let my girl do all the talkin' for both of us...too bad I can't drag her into work with me.

    Great spinning, can't wait until I have something purty to share as well.

  7. Let us know how you like Sew U. I want to pick up sewing (and quilting, but that's a whole other story), and I'm looking for a couple of good books.

    Your spinning is looking great. I just love the colors!



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