Thursday, August 30, 2007

Just Call Me Gimpy

i was in bed for two days straight with a badly pulled muscle in my lower back. yes i am 27 years old, and i have a Bad Back.

i was able to get through all of the Adventures of Kavalier and Clay after trying to read it unsuccessfully for several months.

i knit a few rows of a hitherto unblogged pair of socks but it's kind of hard to knit when you are lying on your back.

i caught up on Days of Our Lives. that show is god-awful and yet i can't stop watching it. i can never figure out what the hell is going on but the plot always seems to be the same. and hasn't stefano been dead like 8 times already?

i let spicy pat my hand and say, "there, there," while in a drug-addled haze i tearfully exclaimed that i would be one of those old women who injure their backs and die and are not found for two weeks by which point they have become snacks for their 52 cats.

i haven't cleaned my apartment since the mom visit but at least i have a good excuse.

i don't know when i will craft again. the use of the lower back is surprisingly required for many tasks. like sneezing, for example.

oh, and i must be the only person who hasn't gotten their Fall IK yet. i really could've used the eye candy to look at since i couldn't do anything else. boo-urns.


  1. Stephano! Really! Those writers really know the meaning of 'Waste not want not". They use it till it is dead then bring it back 2 seasons later ie: Hope, Marley, the other Bo with the eye patch and his lady. Is he still after Marlena?
    Hope you feel better.
    P.s. I am 28 with a bad back, so you are not alone. But don't tell anyone.

  2. I feel your pain, I have a bad back too (27). I hope you get better soon.

  3. Hasn't everyone on every soap opera died about 8 times already?

    My back is fine, but I'm suddenly very intruigued by programs on the Discovery Channel. So apparently, I skipped right past middle-aged and straight into old.

  4. all us young back suffers are crawling out to sympathize.

    I started having back problems at 16. Nobody thought gee i wonder if she has scholeosis. Nope that was discovered at the late age of 23.

    Now 5 years later I refuse to find a new chiropractor and drive the 1 hour and 15 min one way for a 10 minute visit. Yes I am crazy but when I tried to switch to a closer dr, he made my back hurt and it continued to hurt for 3 weeks after I refused to go to his appointments.

    I hope things start to feel better. Right now I am powering through my pain so I can make knitting deadlines.

  5. P.S. Hope you feel better soon! Perhaps this would be a good way to finalge some back massages out of Spicy? ;)

  6. I have that Kavalier and Clay book, I haven't read it yet but I intend to someday when I feel like reading again.

    I have a chronic bad back (I have a protruding disk in the lumbar spine) so I know whereof you speak. It is a royal PITA and acts up especially when I have stuff to do. They say if you keep your abs toned, (your 'core') that you can save your back from straining to hold up a lazy abdomen. It was true for me as long as I was able to keep up the ab exercises.



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