Wednesday, August 01, 2007

i need a mute button

i've been thinking i should get a head start on that bestselling book that i was planning to write--the one on proper behavior. so here's my first hint for free: Think about what you want to say before you say it. Tempy has been driving me batshit insane all morning because she can't talk without sputtering and hem-hawing and taking forever and a day to get to the fucking point. her job requires her to make a lot of phone calls that i hear as an unfortunate side effect of sharing the office. i feel so sorry for the people on the other end. she talks round and round, endlessly explaining and repeating herself without actually spitting out her reason for calling. she also makes blatant mistakes and then has to correct them. do people not form the basics in their heads before speaking? i can almost see it with my eyes--it's like her brain is not hooked up properly to her mouth. i try to avoid unnecessary rants in this space as much as possible, but since i mostly blog from work things come up and i have no other refuge.

there, i feel slightly better. i tried to photograph the purple sweater in progress, but it's one of those that refuses to look good in pictures. the shade is so dark and the yarn is so textured that it's impossible to see any detail. instead i will say that i've removed the sleeve stitches and am knitting the body. so far, i've altered the sizing to fit my frame and eliminated the puff sleeves. sorry Puff-Sleeve Advocates...that was the first design element to go, as i strongly disliked the way it looks in the book. i'm hoping to have enough yarn for 3/4 sleeves with a nifty detail that i will withhold for now.

Koolaid dyed top
i made my grand attempt at dyeing roving. i didn't do very well. i soaked 4 oz of brown sheep mill ends in natural white in warm water and vinegar and then put it in a pot of boiling water. i then poured a solution of pink koolaid over the roving, then a second solution of blue koolaid with a few drops of yellow food coloring to make green. pouring turns out to have been a bad idea, as there are several muddy brown spots. i let the pot steam and then cool to near room temp, then i soaked the roving in warm water and eucalan. it appears that i didn't felt it at least. i'm planning to spin it up and perhaps overdye if it looks terrible. next time, i will try painting the roving and then steaming.

2 ply wool/mohair handspun
i finished up the bobbins i was working on. this skein is a 2 ply bulky yarn, 78 yds/93 g. one ply is the red tones and the other is black tones from the brown sheep mill ends. the red contains a lot of white mohair, so the yarn turned out quite fuzzy and textured. i'm thinking of combining this and the grey yarn to make a hat or something. i think it would make a nice manly hat. we'll see.


  1. Remember what that misanthrope Jean Paul Sartre said, "Hell is other people!"
    I have a anti-French joke that goes with that one, but who knows who I might offend amongst your readers. I'm not really anti-French. Some of my best DNA is French. ;-)
    The dye and spin is going very well.

  2. See what happens when you spin that roving up though...I bet it won't look bad at all.

    Yeah we've got a new girl that just does NOT have a good phone voice. She sounds unsure of herself and like she's scared of even talking on the phone. It's unfortunate because that's 90% of her job.

  3. I love that gray and red yarn! It's simply gorgeous.

    And I think the roving is very pretty. Test spinning a little should give you enough to see if you like the colors when it's yarn.

  4. The handspun looks lovely. You're a natural!

    Wait until you spin the roving up before you make a judgement. I had some awful-looking roving that made a pretty (though not to my taste) yarn.



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