Friday, August 03, 2007

i like my extremes

i started spinning the koolaid dyed roving. the colors are spinning up as unugly as i could hope for, but i still have doubts. spring green and dusty rose aren't really my cup o tea. i've spun about an ounce so far.
koolaid dyed roving singles
you may note that i've inexplicably switched from spinning bulky thick n thin singles to laceweight. yeah, i finally discovered the magic of proper predrafting. the overall thickness is still rather inconsistent, but at least it's skinnier than before. i have three more ounces to go. it takes forever to spin this fine, but i'm enjoying the process. i just got Color in Spinning from interlibrary loan, and i'm looking forward to reading it. i have a lot to learn.
Vinnland socks in progress
for the knitters out there, i worked a negligible amount on my vinnland socks. i've nearly completed one pattern repeat on the cuff. i began the pattern with an incorrect chart. i have since printed out the update, but i didn't care enough to rip back and start over, so my foot will have a few errant stitches.


  1. Nice spin job!

    Egads, when did frisbee get so... violent? Did she really think throwing a bottle at someone's head was no big deal? The giggling would have pissed. me. off.

  2. Color in Spinning is a great resource. I don't spin (yet) but have still learnt alot about dyeing from it.

  3. Good thing I love those colors. ;) We can swap handspun if you like... just let me know what color families you're looking for and I can get started spinning!

  4. It looks pretty! Not my colours either, but I'm sure someone else somewhere in the world would appreciate those colours. Are you planning on plying it? I might keep it a single. Reddish colours and green can look muddy when they're close together, like you said.

  5. Those socks look really excellent, I should add that pattern to my long, long list.

    Oh, and I loved your comment. I have decided that jellyfish-attacking-head is going to be my halloween costume this year.

  6. Very pretty spinning! A little more pastel-y looking than I usually go for, but pretty nonetheless.

    And those socks are beautiful. Love the pattern.

  7. I really like what you've made on that spool. You know I love the finer yarns and smaller gauge everything.
    The socks seem more than fine to me.

  8. Very nice spinning Knotty. I like to predraft my roving. Many state they do not like doing that, but it works really good for me.

    The socks are very nice. I love the color!

  9. Hey, I have a copy of IK Spin Off if you would like it, e-mail me your addy. My email is



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