Sunday, August 12, 2007

i got sweaters, how bout you?

So i'm really excited about fall approaching. i can't wait to unearth all of my sweaters from storage and start wearing them again. as a tribute, I've decided to rip-off Bezzie and start my own meme. a good while back I found a post where a blogger pictured all of her handknit sweaters and wrote about how they had stood the test of time. As I gathered my sweaters together for pictures, I realized that I don't have as many as I thought I did. However, i am only including the ones that i actually wear. i'll save the pile of rejects for another day.

First up: Short Sleeves
Short-sleeved sweaters
top row--Cupcake. i rarely wear this one. the color isn't great for me. this is the only sweater that i regularly machine wash, and it's looking pretty worn as a result. i have serious thoughts of ripping it. i liked working with pakucho organic cotton, but it just hasn't held up well.
Glee. probably my second favorite handknit sweater. the alpaca silk has stretched out somewhat but the sweater is otherwise wearing very well. i wear it frequently in the fall with a tank and in the winter with a long sleeved tee. for being such a lightweight sweater it is very warm.
bottom row--Rusted Root i wear this one frequently as well. it has stretched just the right amount so now it isn't quite so form-fitting. the debbie bliss cathay looks great so far, but this sweater isn't that old.
Somewhat Cowl. i don't really like the color, and the style isn't great on me. i'm disappointed that the rowan wool cotton is looking shabby, as i've hardly worn it much. the sweater bleeds blue dye every time that i wash it.

Next: Long Sleeves
from top-left--Bubble Pullover. *sniff* let's shed a tear for the bubble pullover. why do you have to be so itchy? henry's attic texas is the devil. i wish i could magically transform the sweater to be knit from something soft b/c i would wear it all the time. as is, i practically have to wear a full-body stocking underneath (ok a long-sleeve tshirt) and it still itches my neck.
Sahara. best. sweater. EVER. ok, so technically it has stretched beyond belief to be a very loose-fitting tunic, and the singles silk yarn pills horribly, but it's so pretty and soft and shiny. i'm still in love even if it hasn't lived up to all my expectations. a tank-top underneath is a must, as the neckline has sunk almost to my navel. ok, so that's a very slight exaggeration. just for comparison's sake, recall that when i knit the sweater, it was so tight that i could barely get it over my head. it finally stopped bleeding excess dye, and it has probably faded significantly.
Napoleon. i look like the pillsbury dough boy when i wear this, but it is great for super frigid days. the bartlett bulky yarn is a little rough and it bleeds heavily whenever i wash it.
bottom-left: Licorice Whip. blue sky cotton doesn't hold up that well, but who cares? wearing this sweater is like getting a hug from the world's softest cotton ball. i adore the color and i can wear the sweater in three seasons, though i have to put it away on the coldest days.
Goldie. one of my oldest finished sweaters that i actually wear. i really like this sweater. the fit is perfect and the rowan summer tweed just keeps getting more comfortable with every wash. i fully expected it to stretch out of shape, but it has held up unbelievably well. probably my third most frequently worn sweater.

Last: Cardigans
not so minisweater. i like this sweater and i like the handpaintedyarn bulky handspun. i even like the colors. but lack of sweater knitting experience led me to make some modifications that don't make for a very good fit. so i don't wear this one much, but i still have a soft spot in my heart for it.
bulky cables cardigan. i don't wear this as frequently as i'd like. oddly enough, the color makes it difficult for me to find clothes that match. basically the lesson today is for knotty to stop knitting sweaters in neutral beiges. i like the texture and i love the sadly discontinued yarn (jaeger chamonix), but it's not one of my favorites.
bpt. this one is fairly new so i haven't worn it much, but i know that i will. i love this shade of green and i love the cables and i love cascade 220. i just love it.

so here's the part where i hate tagging people, but i guess that's the point of a meme. i'll go with Bezzie, Magatha, Weezalana, Batty, Liz, and you, dear reader. DOOOOOOO IT! or don't. whatev.


  1. That was a really interesting run-down. I do wonder sometimes how people's projects have stood the test of time. Thanks for sharing.

    I'm sorry about your bubble pullover, that was my favorite of yours.

  2. Neat! I'm also sorry about the bubble pullover, which I think is just fab looking. Maybe I will have to do this on my blog, it looks like fun (and opinions do change!)

  3. They are all pretty, no wonder you can't wait for fall! Can you wear a camisole under the bubble pullover? If it got really, really cold in your parts of the world (or if you went someplace really, really cold), you could always put long underwear under the bubble pullover. Long undies can come with long sleeves and a turtleneck!

  4. Great meme! You're a sweater machine!!! Daaaang! My offerings already pale in comparison. Do tanks count? ;-)

  5. Wow, that is a lot of sweaters. All my earlier sweaters are at Goodwill, where their shame may never haunt me again.

  6. Great rundown! Hmmm, mine might be mostly pictures of stashed yarns that will *become* sweaters...

  7. Bad monkey, proliferating memes! ;-)

    After that totally intimidating display of 'thousands' of perfectly executed sweaters, really how can anyone live up to that? ;-)

  8. Ha! When I get the chance, I'll take a picture of my two sweaters. I still have never worn one of them.

    I actually wore my Licorice Whip during a big exam yesterday. It was nice to have such a snuggly sweater in the cold exam room.

    Do handknit sweaters from others count? Then I can bring my total up to three!



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