Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Another Quickie

today it's WIPs out the wazoo.

More Vinnland: i have two more leg repeats to go plus the cuff ribbing.
Vinnland Socks again

The "puff sleeve" cardigan: i love the tweedy purple yarn. it has flecks of teal and pink in it. i am nearly to the waist shaping, but it's too hot to work on it right now.
Puff-Sleeve Cardigan from Fitted Knits

Icarus shawl: i'm 4 rows away from being finished with repeat #4. this shawl is very easy but dull to knit. i like that the colors are behaving so far.
Icarus shawl in progress


  1. All three are lookin' good! And Icarus does get interesting eventually, right?

  2. Wow to the third power! I love the colors of all.



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