Wednesday, July 18, 2007

so you wanted to see my sock drawer...

ok, but don't say you weren't forewarned. magatha with her irritatingly neat sock drawer tagged me. most of the other drawers i've seen have been equally neat. well, here's mine.
My very messy sock drawer
so in everyday life it pretty much stays open like that all the time because it doesn't want to close. i haven't seen anybody else fold their socks together the way i do, but my method is a must because otherwise i would never be able to find two matching socks.

if this were any season but summer, the drawer would close. there would be a giant pile of handknit socks on the floor waiting to be washed. the tube socks and cotton anklets are for frisbee and other exercise-like purposes. i believe i am down to two pairs of store bought socks that haven't given out on me. there's also some pantyhose and other such things i never wear that are shoved in the back or towards the bottom.

so that is why i'm not in a hurry to knit a bajillion more pairs of socks for myself. right now my rotation seems to be every fourth pair is for me, and that seems about right.

jen also tagged me, but i must gracefully decline. i will soon be revealing the answers to my contest questions, and that's enough personal information for one summer.

and i still haven't had time to start on the red light special hat. i have two more dishcloths to knit and an oven mitten to sew, and then i (hope) i'll be done with birthdays for awhile. hopefully i'll get to the hat this weekend.

oh yeah, i have no idea why the monkey pattern is so popular. i don't pretend to have intimate access to the hive mind. probably because all the cool kids like it. or something.


  1. Finally! Someone with an overgorged drawer like me! ;-)

  2. My mom taught me to fold socks like you do, in order to keep the pairs together. She had 6 people's socks to keep sorted out, and three sisters shared one giant sock drawer, it'd been chaos any other way. I only have to keep up with two, so I can get as perverse as I want with my neatness. ;-)
    My own theory about Monkey socks' popularity is A, they're easy and B, the name is cute and it's popular to like "monkey" things.
    I tend to like monkeys myself.

    There's some beautiful yarn in that overstuffed sock drawer of yours!

  3. Hey! I fold my socks that way too! (and my drawer looks like yours as well...can I use the excuse that I share it???)

  4. Guess that means you're going to be irritated when you see mine. I'm a freak that way.

    Hey, I have white socks for exercise-like purposes, too! Mine actually last a while. But only because they don't get used very often.

  5. I fold my socks together just like you, and I got it from my roommate in college. Liked her way a lot better than the one my mom showed me, and it stretches out the socks less.

  6. Good for you and your sock drawer, when I saw this I was like " OMG Who broke into my pad and took that photo!?" hahaha
    Its a great sock drawer doll! ;)

  7. I heart your pink tube-socks! Seriously, if I could find socks that fit me, my drawer would be equally messy. = zuma



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