Monday, July 30, 2007

Now with even more handspun (and talk of knitting)

i've finally identified my back troubles. i'm leaning forward too much and hunching my shoulders when i spin, hence the shooting pains between my shoulder blades. i'm trying to concentrate on sitting a little farther back (which isn't easy thanks to my short legs) and sit with better posture.
2 ply wool handspun
i finished plying and washing the brown sheep mill ends i had been working on last night. it's about 55 yards (77 grams) of bulky 2 ply wool in black tones. plying was a fun experience. i got to watch my imperfectly spun singles balance out to produce a lofty, springy yarn. the question of what i'm going to do with all these odds and ends came up. i think it's better to stick to small quantities while i'm still learning, but there's a limit to how many single skein projects one really needs. the solution, naturally, is to save them up along with my commercial leftover yarns to make another afghan. someday. that's the plan anyway.

i also tried using a spindle last night, but i did not much care for slowness of the experience. i made just a few yards using the red tones.

my way of busting out of my knitting rut was to start another new project. i'm using the purple Harris DK tweed i bought on sale awhile back to make a version of the puff-sleeve cardigan from fitted knits. as you may recall, i didn't much care for that sweater in the book, but i happened to have the exact quantity of yarn in my stash, and i desperately need more cardigans. i've elected to retain the seed stitch mandarin collar, but hopefully i'll be changing almost everything else without running out of yarn. i'm still working the raglan increases. photos will commence when i can remove the sleeve stitches from the needle.


  1. I'll be curious to see what you do with that pattern. I like the IDEA of the pattern (like all the puffy sleeve knits that have been coming out lately), but it just looks too chunky as a hand-knit. I think the puff-sleeve style is just best in thin fabric, as much as knitters would love to recreate it in yarn.

  2. Yup. That's exactly why I couldn't stand spindle spinning. Too slow, too little. I'm too American and want lots of stuff fast I guess!

    Your spinning is really coming along!

  3. Your spinning looks good, and I'm looking forward to seeing this cardigan.



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