Monday, July 23, 2007

i may never knit another stitch as long as i live

i had a lovely weekend. the weather was beautiful and spicy and i spent some quality time together. he took me out to a new-to-us sushi restaurant, and it was ever so delicious. i caught up with my family members on the phone and read harry potter.

and i had absolutely no desire to knit. i've been feeling it lately--my knitting mojo has been less and less. i think i've been taking on too much. my new coworker asked me about the crafts i participate in, and i said, "well, i knit and crochet and sew, and i'm learning how to quilt, and i just got a spinning wheel." i was exhausted by the time i got to the end of that statement.

so i feel terrible about this, but i am backing out of the mini-kal of the red light special hat with indigomouse. i can think of about 1200 other things i would rather do. and all the craftiness is supposed to be relaxing and fun, right? might as well do (or not do) what makes me happy.

i put together my spinning wheel all by myself on friday evening. i say this b/c i'm extremely proud that i managed to do it correctly. i remember taking an aptitude test in junior high, and my only non-above average skills were spatial reasoning, which was average, and mechanical reasoning, which was well below average. none of the books or manuals have helped me much, mostly because it all looks like gobbledegook to me. it took me several hours to spin anything besides exploding wool corkscrews.

i spun up all the wool i had on hand, and by the end i finally was able to make something that sort of resembles yarn's second cousin. let's just say i overspin a lot. except when i underspin. i went ahead and washed to set the twist just so i can keep the skeins for the memories. i'll take pics when they are dry. i ordered 3 pounds of wool from the sheep shed studio. maybe by the time i get through all that, i'll be able to produce something that is a little more closely related to actual yarn.


  1. No big deal at all! It's not like I wasn't planning to knit it anyway. When you do get your mojo back, it's a very fun pattern.

    It sounds like you had a very nice birthday, and it was fun to read your quiz answers. Some were so similar to mine that it was kind of scary. But just now you mentioned having below average mechanical aptitude, and that's always the thing I score highest on, so now I'm relieved that we're not twins separated at birth or something.

  2. If anyone 'deserves' a knitting break, that'd be you. You've been a knitting whirlwind for quite some time now.

    I'm proud when I fix something I thought I'd have to wait for Mr. Mag to do, so I get it about the wheel. It's a good feeling.



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