Thursday, July 26, 2007

i finally did my laundry

the last of my unshared FOs got properly laundered last night.
Fun in the Sun hat
i finished this one quite awhile ago. it's the Fun in the Sun hat, from Spring 2007 IK Crochet. i think i used a G hook and cotton/cotton blend leftovers. the natural is primarily pakucho organic cotton, but i ran out towards the brim and had to sub kitchen cotton. the colors were closer in hue before washing--the pakucho cotton noticeably darkened in the wash. in addition i used leftover berroco cotton twist, blue sky cotton, rowan summer tweed, debbie bliss cotton angora, knitpicks shine, classic elite premiere, and debbie bliss cathay. it felt great to use up leftovers, but the hat itself looks pretty dorky. the brim is a bit too curly, and i feel like i should be wearing a bathing costume from the turn of the century when i wear it. but whatever. maybe i'll go camping or something where no one else will see me. or i'll just never wear the hat. yeah, that's probably more accurate.

i also knit a trio of dishcloths for my stepmother's birthday.
a trio of dishcloths
all kitchen cotton knitted on #7 denise circs. one is the ballband dishcloth from mason-dixon knitting. the other two are slip-stitch patterns that i pulled from the encyclopedia of knitting and crochet stitches.

finally, i had a couple of surprises waiting for me when i got home. one was my own copy of spin to knit that my brother sent me for my birthday. the other was my roving from the sheep shed studio arrived. i ordered it on Friday and received a note that it would be mailed on Monday. i paid for parcel post shipping, so i'm very pleased that it's here already. i bought 3 pounds of their mill end rovings, one each of natural white, red tones, and black tones. i had a hard time deciding which i should spin first, but i finally went for the black tones.
Brown Sheep mill ends
it took me a good portion of the evening to transform this roving to this:
Brown Sheep mill ends in Black Tones
now, i will say that when i opened the bags, i was a little disappointed. the roving feels pretty rough. i wouldn't want to make a scarf with it, but i bet it would be great for rugged outerwear items or felting. after this initial impression, i realized that this roving is as cheap as i will ever find, and it's perfect for learning, as it is easy to spin.

i tried a couple of things this time. i learned to spin from the fold. my only issue so far is that when i go to join new fiber, i get slubby parts. i'm also concentrating on not overspinning, and it's getting a little bit better. i'm still having a very hard time spinning a consistent thickness. i plan to fill up this bobbin and spin another and then make my first attempt at plying. i was really intrigued how the different colors blend together to make this pretty charcoal grey yarn. i can't wait to play with dyeing. i'm saving the natural roving until i can spin thinner and more consistently so that i use it for sock yarn. right now that is the goal i'm working towards--making my own handspun sock yarn goodness.

one last thing i wasn't really expecting, i had some soreness this morning. by the end of the night, my back was hurting a little bit, but this morning some of the muscles in my arms and wrists were sore. i'm just hoping that i don't noticeably develop weird muscles like i used to when i played the flute in high school. i had and still kind of have these giant muscles on my hands between the thumb and index finger. very attractive.


  1. Aw, that hat is so cute. And I keep meaning to make more ball band dishcloths. They're so gratifying.

    I bet you are a champ at thumb wresting :)

  2. I love the colors in that roving you spun up, it seems very warm.

    I have that weird muscle on my right hand, too, thanks to fencing. But you should see it on a bowler. One guy I knew had a thumb muscle almost as big as my whole fist!

  3. I like your hat better than Knit n'Tonics take on that hat!

  4. LOL! I love the title of this post!
    The hat is really cute!

  5. spinning!

    You're doing great at the spin...and can't wait til you start playing with the dye. Spinning handyed fibers is fun!

  6. Spinning muscles! Hah! That's cute. I'm pretty impressed at your teaching yourself something that seems pretty complicated to me.
    I would definitely wear that hat.
    (That's my highest hat compliment!) It would make a good sun hat.

  7. I love that hat! It's very cute. And for some reason, I have an obsession with those ball band dishcloths. They're so pretty!

    That roving is incredible, and I love the way it spins up. You know, when I looked at the picture of the roving, I was thinking, 'Hey, that's what I want my hair to look like someday!'



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