Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hypoallergenic Roses

Peruvia RoseRoses for Spicy
I picked Spicy a special bouquet. He always brings me such lovely flowers from his garden, and I wanted to reciprocate.

The pattern is Peruvia Rose from Berroco. i used #9 denise circs and less than one skein each of red Patons Classic Merino, yellow Rio de la Plata, and green Cascade 220. it was a fun felting experiment. the patons felted excellently, the rio del la plata pretty well, and the cascade hardly at all. the pattern wasn't great--the directions tell you to sew the roses together before felting. mine did not hold up in the wash except for the outside spiral, so it was difficult to put it back together. i had to use sewing thread post felting to get the flowers to hold. Spicy seemed to appreciate them, and the kitties attempted to pounce at every opportunity. i have a feeling they are going to turn into rosy cat toys before long.

my coworker's birthday is coming up, so I made her a potholder. well, maybe.
Potholder from In Stitches
Potholder from In Stitches
the pattern is the potholder from Amy Butler's In Stitches. the fabrics are all cottons from my stash, and the fabric i used for the interior and the binding is a recycled duvet cover. i still suck at binding, but at least i get the principle of mitered corners now. i figured that i need the practice quilting on my machine before i started my quilt. i plan to make my co-worker a coaster set and the oven mitt from the denyse schmidt book in the same fabrics. i am going to wait and see how they turn out before deciding if i really want to give her this potholder. spicy said that it's fine, but i think it looks pretty shitty. the front patchwork wonkiness is actually supposed to be that way, but i managed to make it look like a mistake. it actually looked much better before i washed it. i know that the cotton batting is supposed to shrink in the wash, so maybe i should've preshrunk it?
Monkeys in progress
i finally started a pair of monkeys in my handdyed some assembly required sock yarn. i'm using this yarn because these are my mom's birthday gift, and i think she will like these muted colors better. i'm surprised it isn't pooling so far, but i think i really should've added a third color. it looks a little flat to me, but i think she will like them.


  1. They look good to me! I so love the Monkey pattern.

  2. You always do something unique and it almost always turns out terrific! Those flowers are just perfect!

    PS> Wow, I've never seen those Spicy flower pics before! Jaw drop gorgeous! Impressive too.

  3. Can you preshrink cotton batting???? I imagine that being a tad bit messy, but I can see where you are wondering that. Hm. Ponderous.

    Nice roses--you know if the cats like them they've gotta be good!

  4. The roses are a great idea! Allergies suck.

    Your Monkeys are looking good. I think the colors will work really well with the pattern.



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